Names of 12 Russians indicted for meddling in the 2016 U.S. election: Revealed (Satire)

Editor’s note: The following post is satire and is for entertainment purposes only.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s first charges against 12 officials of the the Russian government for interfering with American politics have been issued in a new indictment.

The names of the 12 Russians are as follows, via Jordan Rachel:

  1. Hillary Clintonesky
  2. Barrocksky Obamovich
  3. Sally Yateskich
  4. John Brennovansky
  5. Valerick Jarretkich
  6. James Comeyski
  7. Peter Strzoki
  8. Bruce Ohrskoh
  9. McCainzi
  10. Susan Ricekoh
  11. Lisa Pageovich
  12. John Podestinskiah