Naomi Oreskes: A Priestess from the Church of Global Warming


I read an article last week on one of my favorite topics – climate change

By Brent – The Common Constitutionalist

(INTELLIHUB) — It was written by Alvin Powell, a Harvard staff writer. The first sentence was illuminating: “If you wonder why worldwide scientific consensus has not yet quashed climate change denial in the United States, a panel this week at Harvard Kennedy school offered an answer: ‘it’s the politics stupid.'”

The first thing that came to mind, other than that obviously idiotic statement was, why do we hold those at Harvard in such great esteem? That goes for the rest of the Ivy League as well. This is what we get for hundreds of thousands of dollars? Do you know who else we get? We get progressive politicians, from Woodrow Wilson of Princeton to Barack Obama of Harvard. Ivy League schools are nothing but breeding grounds for the progressive hacks of tomorrow. Sorry, I digressed.

Anyway, to start, consensus does not make science fact. Even if 70% of scientists agreed that the moon’s core really is made of cheese, it does not make the moon’s core cheese. Just because you say it does not make it so.

And, “it’s the politics stupid”? Really?

Before I continue – fair warning. You may wish to wrap your head in duct tape to hold the pieces together lest your head explode. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Alvin continues: “Persistent efforts to cast doubt on a scientific certainty have their roots in philosophical opposition to big government and government regulation, expressed in a fierce, expertly manage, well-funded campaign, participants said.”

Well I’ll give them one thing, or maybe two. They are bold and honest. We no longer hear the lies of “the Era of Big Government is over”, or some such claptrap. No doubt those on this panel are most likely tenured Marxists, teaching our “best and brightest.” Ugh!

“The underpinnings of the anti-climate change movement,” said panelist Naomi Oreskes, a history of science professor at Harvard, “have given it political resonance because of ties to cultural traditions of independence, self-reliance and small government.”

Ms. Oreskes, the Cold War called. It seems the USSR wants their comrade back.

Seriously, have these people ever picked up the Constitution? Do they even know or care what it is? Probably no, no and no.

“It becomes an argument about big government,” Oreskes said. “For Republicans in Congress and elsewhere, it’s not about climate change; it’s definitely not about science, it’s about government.”

Does this woman live in bizarro world – where north is south, right is wrong – everything is opposite? Everything she just described is a 100% accurate assessment… of the left.

She is right though. It’s not about science. It never has been. It’s always been about control, and progressives figured out long ago that the big government boot is the only thing large enough to exert such control.

Alvin continues: “That climate change is occurring and is being caused by human activities has long been settled in the scientific community. Oreskes noted that scientists were certain as early as the 1960s, and the evidence has mounted since then.”

Certain of what? Global cooling? Beginning in the late 1950s through to the early ’80s, we were being warned of the next ice age. But, of course, the “warmests” have conveniently changed the language to climate change. So now, global cooling is, and was, caused by global warming; logic skills, no doubt mastered at Harvard. Ridiculous!

Oreskes goes on to explain that local and state governments have been taking the lead on warming and “the evidence holds more sway with the public.”

Well Naomi, once again your proving just how out of touch academia is with the rest of the country. In poll after poll of the top 20 concerns of Americans, if “climate change” even makes it on the list, it is consistently 19 or 20 out of 20. There’s resonance for you.

It is astounding how those who claim to be so smart can be so stupid, or dishonest. Take your pick. It just goes to show that global warming is not science, but religion.

Just as you could never convince me there is no God, we will never convince these “believers” there is no global warming.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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