NASA heliophysicist admits “chemtrails” are real, Lithium being sprayed on populace

NASA now saying that they are spraying the population with a "mood-stabilizing drug" via chemtrails, as a test

(INTELLIHUB) — NASA heliophysicist , Douglas E. Rowland of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, has admitted to the agency’s current experimental programs, using Lithium in “chemtrails” to study the way the wind blows in the upper atmosphere. The admission came after a concerned citizen picked up the phone to take action and called NASA.

Rowland, also said that Lithium was sprayed onto the population in experiments conducted in the 1970’s and the 1990’s by NASA.

Lithium is a “chemical element” with the “atomic number of 3.” It’s a rather “soft, silver-white metal belonging to the alkali group” and is a “mood stabilizing drug,” by definition.

Rowland said, “There are many reason we are doing it, because we don’t understand how the wind in the upper atmosphere moves.”

“There’s different kinds of chemtrails as you probably know — different trails at night we use and different trails during the day. The wind blows them around, they glow either on their own or from scattered sunlight — we take pictures and we can see how the wind or their trail flies around.”

These Lithium trails are done at “much higher altitudes then we use for these chemical trails,” Rowland explained.

This is “fundamental science,” Rowland explained, “we want to understand” wind patterns.


Lithium “is actually harmless to the environment,” the heliophysicist said.

The conversation with the heliophysicst was captured on tape.

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