National Guard on the streets as Baltimore riots: Bloods and Crips call truce amid chaos, stores looted, buildings burning, leftist media silent


State of Emergency as Baltimore riots turn into war zone with utter chaos and lawlessness overtaking city

Baltimore, Maryland (INTELLIHUB) — Sections of Baltimore plunged into full-scale chaos Monday with protesters setting stores and cars on fire as well as attacking police, random citizens, and members of the media.

What started as a protest over the death of Freddy Gray turned into a display of pure madness with high schoolers and possibly gang members overtaking outnumbered police, setting a CVS Pharmacy and a senior center ablaze while looting countless other businesses on the way to one of the worst riots in recent history. Officials declared a state of emergency and a curfew that begins Tuesday in an attempt to restore order.

“At least 15 officers were hurt, and some two dozen people were arrested. Two officers remained hospitalized,” the Associated Press reported.

“The National Guard represents the last resort in restoring order,” Gov. Larry Hogan told a news conference. “I have not made this decision lightly.”

As of 12:15am est the streets were still in a state of chaos, despite police assurances that they were getting the situation under control. Fox News is reporting that Swat teams and the National Guard are on the ground.

Update: 12:45am – A row home is now on fire, no word on whether or not the people who live in the house got out in time. Multiple liquor stores are being looted live on TV. Police are still not stopping protesters.

Update: 12:48am – Criminals are now throwing bottles at fire fighters trying to put out a house fire. Fox News is reporting on a former new Black Panther Party member who has called all whites the devil and who is being put forward as a leader by the protesters.

Crips and Bloods Sign Truce With Help of Nation of Islam as Mayor Seemingly Lets City Be Destroyed

Earlier in the day it was reported that members of the Crips and Bloods gangs had made a truce. Whether or not they then decided to lead the criminal action taking place all over Baltimore remains to be seen.

“The Washington Post reports today that police in Baltimore have received “credible information” that gangs plan to attack police following the funeral of Freddie Gray,” reported Kurt Nimmo.

Interestingly, the Nation of Islam was apparently the group that brought together the gang members. The Nation, known for promoting violence against whites as a means of black empowerment, has a long history of calls for violence.

Are these the criminals now destroying Baltimore?

The fact that these gang members and the clergy propping them up would insult the publics intelligence in claiming that known criminals are against the riots is completely sick.

Hard left media outlet Salon even published a fawning article about Farrakhan, seemingly promoting the violence now being carried out in Baltimore.

Farrakhan is back. He’s fostered relationships with a number of premier rappers, and seeing something of a power vacuum in black leadership, the controversial cleric is moving in to align a more radical approach to racism. He’s rallying black Americans to be ready for an eventual eruption in the face of police violence in communities of color. “You’ve got to prepare your people for what is coming down!” he screams as he recounts the uprising in Ferguson, Missouri, and what he sees as the failure of black leaders to appropriately respond–to actually change a system under which virtually every black man feels threatened. He indicts Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder, as well as inveterate civil rights activist Jesse Jackson. Black preachers are called out for being “pacifiers for the white man’s tyranny.”

Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam was credited by protesters on the ground in Baltimore with establishing a gang truce in the city to unify black Baltimore against the police. The NOI and its well-dressed Fruit of Islam were on the ground in Ferguson, as well, in a leadership role.

“This is a new generation and they don’t want to hear your compromising talk!” he screams. What they do want to hear, though, is rap music. Rappers are listened to. Kanye West and Jay Z are listened to. Killer Mike is listened to — he even attended the 2015 White House Correspondents Dinner and was ushered about by none other than Arianna Huffington. Jeezy speaks to a different audience than Mike, even, and so on through the growing list of rappers Farrakhan has met with in recent months.

Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake openly stated that she made space for the protesters to destroy. She has now pushed back on her previous comments by claiming they were actually the media’s fault. Clearly she slipped up and is now having to blame that on people reporting her own words.

“It’s a very delicate balancing act, because while we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

For their part, one of the leading leftist news outlets has a total blackout on the violence and are literally featuring an article about the new Avengers movie as their top post.

Screenshot from as of 1:21am est
Screenshot from as of 1:21am est

“Total Breakdown of Society” – Photos and Video of the Chaos

Baltimore riots
Photo Credit: Erica L. Green/Twitter
Baltimore riots
Photo Credit: DAHBOO77/YouTube

Perhaps the most frustrating part about tonight’s riots is that police brutality and overall police actions in America are a major issue that deserves to be exposed.

Sadly, instead of fighting corrupt police, criminals have overtaken the city and given the police all the public support they need.

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