(INTELLIHUB) — The National Security Racketeering Network is a covert conglomerate of law enforcement & intelligence agencies which are running Domestic Intelligence (DOMINT) operations against innocent Americans. These agencies include the FBI, FBI DITU (Data Interception Technology Unit), NSA, NSA TAO (Tailored Access Operations), Department of Homeland Security and civilian-informant hirees.

This operation which extra-judicially targets “Potential Domestic Threats” engages in what is referred to as Outrageous Government Conduct, and uses tactics from the East German Stasi (Zersetzung) and from the U.K.’s GCHQ (5 D’s: Deny, Degrade, Deceive, Disrupt and Destroy). Americans who have been watch-listed are red-flagged for Soft-Kill elimination, based on the aforementioned tactics, while the FBI simultaneously feeds disinformation to regional data fusion centers so that the “potential threats” are placed on the “radar” of local and state law enforcement agencies.

Over the past decade, the FBI has quietly built a network of paid civilian informants which are referred to as inoffizielle mitarbeiter in the intelligence world. As a mechanism of societal control, the National Security Racketeering Network is running an illegal, multi-billion dollar program against innocent Americans, versus protecting the nation from true threats.

In street parlance, those who have been targeted for soft-kill elimination often refer to being Gang-stalked. These Gang-stalkers, often comprised of illegal immigrants, drug addicts, ex-cons, neighbors and landlords are the inoffizielle mitarbeiter. This term was coined in East Germany and refers to the network of paid informants which the Stasi built up to assist the agency in its domestic spying endeavors.

Fmr. CIA asset Susan Lindauer: 'We have a fight for the future of our country and we need to get motivated'

What the Stasi did not have at their disposal, was the technology which the FBI does. So in addition to be targeted on the street level, potential domestic threats will also be targeted by the FBI’s Data Interception Technology Unit for cyber-harassment, data-theft, identity theft, pornographic spam, threats and intimidation. NSA has also entered into agreements to provide the FBI support when it (the FBI) does not have the technological means to monitor and disrupt the “threat.”

Foreign nationals who are engaged in acts of violence against the U.S., U.S. assets abroad, or plotting to carry out such acts, are labeled “foreign combatants,” and in their cases due (legal) process is suspended – along with their civil rights. Most Americans do not realize that once they are placed on a watch-list, innocent or not, that they too are stripped of all of their civil rights in a similar fashion that foreign combatants are.

The targets will then suffer through home intrusions, theft of personal property during warrantless sneak and peeks, defamation of character, false accusations of crimes of moral turpitude, vandalism to personal property, sabotage of business and personal relationships, and any other means which will “disrupt and destroy” the “target” whilst maintaining a high degree of plausible deniability for the FBI and its partner agencies in this illegal operation.

Man with large weapons cache, body armor, found posted up in Waikiki hotel, claimed to be federal agent on a mission

Any attempt to retain an attorney will be shut down via illegal monitoring and communications interception by the FBI’s DITU. They will approach the potential attorneys of the watch-listed individuals and relay disinformation about the target, or attempt to coerce or compromise them. This may in some cases be accompanied by an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), which they also utilize whilst establishing their civilian informant network.

The entire operation is very complex, is heavily compartmentalized, involves numerous agencies at the federal level and is totally extra-judicial – and very illegal.

The thousands of videos on YouTube and blogs which refer to Gang-stalking and Targeted-individuals are in most instances true accounts of normal Americans who have been tasked by inoffizielle mitarbeiter via the FBI and Department of Homeland security. In many cases these innocent citizens assume that they are being followed by random individuals. In actuality, the groups are controlled by the FBI and private contractors (who are often ex-federal employees).

Watch: Las Vegas FBI counter-terrorism drill involving helicopters, armed men

This activity was prevalent in East Germany until the fall of the Iron Curtain. The FBI has adopted some of their primary tactics of oppression into their own play-book and has now deployed them against individuals who have never committed a crime. They will also target Americans if they travel abroad and even convey disinformation to foreign governments in order to get them (U.S. Citizens) targeted in foreign countries.

James Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute wrote a great article which summarizes what is going on in the shadows. The police state is already here, and is quietly targeting tens of thousands of innocent Americans while generating billions of dollars for the National Security Racketeering Network – which equates to a mega-cartel.

The author of this article, who prefers to use the nom de plume “XKeyscore” in order to maintain his anonymity, is a Doctoral Candidate and multiglot with two Master’s Degrees and a Baccalaureate specializing in Middle Eastern Studies. He holds one Master’s Degree specializing in Intelligence and Counter-intelligence operations, and a second Master’s Degree in Security Studies. XKeyscore has studied under a United States intelligence agency analyst and now-retired, high ranking, American military officers. XKeyscore writes exclusively for Intellihub News & Politics. Read more articles by this author here.

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