Nevada BLM whistleblower: ‘Somebody needs to look into the Reid family connections’

People are starting to connect the dots as the “whole west is under siege”, says Hill, a BLM whistleblower

By Shepard Ambellas

Updated Apr. 20, 2014

CLARK CO., Nevada (INTELLIHUB) — Rusty Hill, an avid Nevada land expert who formerly worked for the BLM as a volunteer cleaning up trash in National Parks and working on the Desert Tortoise reserve, has blown the whistle on the Bundy Ranch debacle in an exclusive interview obtained by Gary Franchi of the Next News Network.

In the interview, Hill describes how “vulture real estate developers” typically plan “twenty to thirty-years in advance” to make the big bucks. “The suspicious activity stated in the 80s” here in southern Nevada, Hill said.

Moreover in his search efforts, Hill came across information linking Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, Reid Bunkerville LLC and the Reid Family Trust, to land surrounding the Bundy family ranch. Hill also stated how Nevada is a secret testing and “dumping ground”.

“The reason why the Bundy Ranch is so important is […] They need to put an access in through the Bundy Ranch. It will save them millions of dollars in construction costs” to develop their surrounding land, Hill said, continuing on to say, “I can tell some of that land was strategically taken from people”.


Hill went on to call for people to “Google the Clark County Assessors Office” or go on the actual website “” and do some research. “We can’t wait around”, Hill stated.

It’s also been speculated that the land in the area of Bunkerville contains a mineral useful to the U.S. military called magnesium dolomite, which may be why the BLM paid over $700,000 for a nearby 10 acre parcel. Magnesium dolomite is used in the production process of making rocket fuel, said Gary Franchi of the Next News Network. Although, the magnesium dolomite was more of an issue in the 50’s and 60’s and likely doesnt play into the current situation.

“The land adjacent to the Bundy’s highest value is security by its remoteness and has no other access point except from I-15 and across the Bundy property. It is obvious because they subdivided the 640 acre parcel to the east next to the Bundy Ranch into 2 equal parcels by an equal east west division. That means they want to set up an east west access easement. It would be easy to hide activities to the south, south east up behind the first foothills with this kind of easement. Also they have been evicting people out of that area and other areas adjacent with a line of sight into this area for a while now and these evictions fit a secrecy profile in my opinion.”, wrote Hill in an email to Intellihub News.

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