Never Trumper Bill Kristol happy to see Alex Jones expelled from social media

Political analyst tells Alex Jones "good riddance" from social media

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone reading this publication that the founder and editor-in-chief of The Weekly Standard Bill Kristol had no qualms about saying goodbye to right-wing radio talk show host Alex Jones on Twitter last week following the concerted social media ban aimed at Infowars.

Last Wednesday, Kristol tweeted: “Goodbye, Alex, and good riddance.”

However, as it turns out the not so shocking tweet was linked to a piece titled The Case for Banning Alex Jones by Jonatan V. Last which proclaims “there’s no reason for conservatives to be defending” the Infowars founder at all because the recent social media ban is “not” a First Amendment issue but instead is a platform selective enforcement issue.


The author explains: “Tech companies shouldn’t give Jones a pass; they should get rid of the Farrakhans of the world, too.”

Last wrote: “The real question is whether or not you believe that tech companies should be allowed to impose any standards on their platforms. YouTube doesn’t allow pornography. Is that okay? Facebook doesn’t seem to allow the Daily Stormer to have a page. Does that make Facebook a worse experience for the average user?”

Kristol is a liberal political analyst whose opinion doesn’t really matter to most.