New ‘Anti-American’ PSYOP ran on Arizona High School football fans


‘USA gear’ deemed “offensive”

By Shepard Ambellas

TEMPE (INTELLIHUB) — Well it doesn’t get anymore anti-American then this folks–‘patriotic gear’ has now been banned  for anyone attending the upcoming football game at Corona Del Sol High School against rival Marcos de Niza High School.

The upcoming football game “which was supposed to have a USA theme” will now have no theme at all after the school decided that such a theme would have “offensive condemnations.”, as reported on Fox News earlier Friday.

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Moreover fans were “warned that if they wear anything deemed inappropriate” to the game they will not be admitted. This includes items such as “flags, and anything Trump.”

So basically if you wear or bring anything with the colors red, white, or blue you won’t be admitted into the game.

This marks the latest PSYOP taking place in U.S. schools; a movement that takes all the important principles of this Country, instilled by our Founding Fathers, and dumps them upside-down. This isn’t good people.

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