Mark Dice notes that Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg is now officially working towards a new world order in tandem with the birth of his first child – as he and his cohorts continue to work with the upper echelons of the intelligence community and the elite Bilderberg crowd.

Apparently he has been doing his homework as well.

According to a new video from Dice:

Facebook founcer Mark Zuckerberg just posted that he is reading Henry Kissinger’s book World Order.

Though it may not appear that way at first glance, Facebook is as important to global politics as the stuff that typically makes diplomatic and world affairs headlines.

Zuckerberg’s social media platform is now essential to reorganizing society inside the digital grid, and has been wielded by those at the reins of power.

It is, and has been about much more than just sharing memes and dumb pet pictures.

It is the forum of the future.

Wow! Can’t wait to share that one with all our friends on Facebook. But then again, who is listening?

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his sister have already been outed for calling their users “dumb f—ers.”

Via The Daily SheepleH/T SGTreport

Intellihub Note: The last two times we posted anything critical of Facebook we ended up having major issues with the social media giant within 24 hours of publication.

The first time admins on our official page had their accounts banned for supposedly sharing something that violated Facebook’s terms of service. The second time was much worse with Facebook literally blocking 100% of urls from being shared anywhere on Facebook. It took over a day to fix the issue.

We are making this known now, at the time of posting this article, in case the same problem happens again. This is the record showing we were already worried about Facebook issues so there is no way Facebook or a troll can claim us having problems has nothing to do with articles published on our site. If something happens today we will KNOW it was because of this report.

Its also important to note in closing that the harassment Intellihub regularly receives is so ridiculous that it happens even on reposts of articles that originally appeared on other sites. We have literally had our accounts banned for reposting articles that the original site never had an issue with.

These problems truly are unreal.

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