New York mag calls out JaysAnalysis – My response

By Jay | Jay’s Analysis

A piece by Jessica Roy of New York Magazine titled “A Guide to the Charlie Hebdo Shooting Conspiracy Theories” has been published that reads as follows regarding yours truly:

“The Charlie Hebdo attack was a “false flag” operation by Western nations to stoke war between Judeo-Christian and Islamic nations.

Some of the typical conspiracy-theory-peddling sites are already redeploying 9/11 rhetoric and calling the attack a “false flag.” A writer at the website 21st Century Wire believes the event to be a stay-behind operation orchestrated by those hoping to keep the War on Terror alive. “In summary, we find that Euro terror, and in particular, terror events involving in some tangential way connected to France bear all the same patterns and Atlanticist black-op power bloc operations that have been at work since the Cold War and Gladio,” Jay Dyer writes. Add to that the “suspicious suicide” of a French police detective investigating the Charlie Hebdo shootings and you have the perfect formula for a right-wing conspiracy theory.”

The irony here is palpable, as it recalls recent mainstream media portrayals of Russia as Nazi – apparently anything or anyone that isn’t in completely pacifist submission to lying narratives is now “right wing.”  Even though Russia fought Nazis, Putin is now Hitler, for example.  Even though Gladio was run by the “right,” and even though 21stCenturyWire isn’t a “right wing” news site, Jessica Roy still tried to find a throw-away phrase playing on ignorance – and I suspect her own ignorance of history is also palpable.  Even though mainstream media has been caught lying endlessly, Roy’s expectation is that we are to assume whatever the television and typeface of corporate news say is correct.  As if Webster Tarpley, whom I cite, is a “right winger.”

While I don’t really care that she’s calling me a “right winger,” the incorrect understanding of Gladio and the fact that my article had nothing to do with the right wing is worth responding to. Jessica Roy would do well to study up on Gladio, perhaps through a documentary from that far right conspiracy site known as the BBC:

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