New York news crew uncovers potentially operational FEMA camp by mistake, threatened

News crew threatened with arrest and confiscation of footage after stumbling across a potentially operational FEMA camp facility inside a “closed” prison

By Shepard Ambellas

(Video Source: YouTube/THEREAL TURNDA TUP)

WILTON, NY (INTELLIHUB.COM) — WNYT News 13’s Mark Mulholland and his cameraman had a few rather interesting encounters with overly aggressive State correctional officers while trying to do a story on a historic monument, Grant’s Cottage, which is located at the top of Mount McGregor.

During the encounters, which were all caught on video, the crew was repeatedly asked to stop filming what appeared to be a closed prison facility in the backdrop.

“You are on State property right now. You can’t film here.”, said the officer after pulling up to the news crew on a public roadway in an aggressive manner with his unmarked vehicle. “You are going to leave the mountain now.”, the officer continued, insinuating that the news crew was on the mountain for a “different reason”.

After the conflict, the correctional officer, identified only as Lt. Dorn, radioed to his co-worker to block the roadway with another vehicle as the crew tried to enter the historic monument where the supposed “closed” prison facility.

Finally after bickering with Lt. Dorn and the State Police for over an hour, the crew managed to be released with all of their footage.

Now, some like myself, suspect that the old McGregor prison facility may be a newly staffed FEMA camp in preparation for the coming Ebola outbreak that has been hyped by the media. I encourage any citizen reporters who may be in the area to investigate and report back to us at the email


NewsChannel 13 crew threatened with arrest at Mount McGregor — WNYT13

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