New Zealand mosque shooting suspect: What we know

Media claims the attacker is "far right" and wanted to "start a race war."

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (INTELLIHUB) — Brenton Tarrant, 28, out of Grafton, Australia, is the suspected gunman who killed 49 people at two mosques on Friday leaving dozens of others, including children, wounded.

Tarrant is reportedly a “rightwing” lone wolf attacker who wanted to start a “race war” but no official motive has been found.

The attacker wore a helmet camera as he live-streamed the horrific killings on social media at one mosque during his killing spree.

Police say that “no agency had these people” on a terror list which signifies the involvement of others.

Tarrant is an Australian citizen.

The shooter spoke about Donald Trump in an 87-page manifesto in which Tarrant posted online.

Tarrant has been charged with murder.

Here is a video of the shooter as he prepared to enter one of the mosques.