Newtown Police Ordered to Release 911 Audio Wednesday

By Shepard Ambellas | December 3, 2012 | 11:59am EDT

After over a year, Newtown Police will release seven 911 calls publicly as ordered by a judge.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)


NEWTOWN, CT (INTELLIHUB) — A judge ruled last week that seven 911 calls from the tragic day of the Sandy Hook School shooting last December will need to be released to the public under the “public information law” Wednesday, according to reports.

State officials have decided not to appeal the release of the tapes.

According to reports there are 7 tapes in total “lasting about 25 minutes”.

The tragic shooting took 20 children’s lives and 6 others.

The Courant reported, “Last week Newtown, First Selectwoman Pat Llodra said that she felt it was time to release the 911 calls in the face of continued media interest.

The tapes will be released on Wednesday afternoon by the town’s law firm, Cohen & Wolf of Danbury. There were seven 911 calls made to the local police department after Adam Lanza shot his way into the school.

The longest call to Newtown police was from custodian Rick Thorne, who was on the phone with a dispatcher for more than 10 minutes. His call was cut off when Newtown police officers temporarily detained him.

There also were numerous 911 calls made to Troop L in Litchfield, which received the cellphone calls from, among others, a teacher who was shot in the foot and a parent locked in the room where Principal Dawn Hochsprung had been holding a meeting when Lanza shot his way through a glass window at the front entrance. Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Scherlach ran out of the room and were the first two killed by Lanza.

Those calls are the custody of the state police and are not among the ones that will be released by Newtown officials.”[1]



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