NFL star plans to sue Vegas Metro Police Department, claims officer held a gun to his head

NFL defensive end says he was singled out because he is “black”

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, no. 72, plans to sue the Las Vegas Metro Police Department over an Aug. 29 incident in which Bennett claims an officer held a gun to his head and threatened to blow it off.

It all started when officers responded to an “active shooter” call which later tuned out to be a false alarm. When officers arrived, the scene was in full pandemonium and that’s when Bennett says that he was singled out for being a “black man.”

The 2014 Super Bowl champion told TMZ in an exclusive interview that the officer pinned him down, pointed a gun at his head and said: “If you move I’ll blow your fucking head off.”

Bennett feels that the incident may have been racially motivated, possibly in response to his recent protest of racial inequality where he sat out the National Anthem on several occasions causing controversy.

The defensive end said that the police put him in a car and treated him like a “black man” until they found out that he was a famous “football player” after Googling his name.

“I went from being a black man to a football player,” Bennett said. “It felt like a movie almost.”

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