Night of rage: Antifa and BLM position to unleash election night chaos

Antifa and BLM radicals plan to burn it down on election night either way "no matter what the election brings"

Antifa and Black Lives Matter group radicals are positioning to unleash violent protests in cities across the United States on Tuesday and will be ready to storm into action following CNN’s election night announcement confirming whether or not former Vice President Joe Biden won or lost the battle for the upcoming presidency.

A pinned Tweet by Twitter user @justjae206 targets Seattle area hodlums. The Tweet shows an image of a mocked up burning ballot box and with the time 7 pm listed.

“We will not be stopped no matter what this election brings. Neither side is for black lives,” the Tweet reads. “Be out there!!”

Other indications that a storm is coming on election night would be the fact that numerous businesses are being boarded up ahead of election night all across the U.S.

Here is just one of many businesses in the D.C. Capital Region that have been boarded up.

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It’s the same story in the Los Angeles suburb of Sherman Oaks where business after business are being boarded up due to new more stringent insurance requirements.

“It’s getting real!!! This hits literally close to home… my local Ralph’s in Sherman Oaks getting boarded up this evening ahead of tomorrow’s election. Somebody pinch me.”

— Kandiss Crone on Twitter

In downtown San Antonio it’s the same thing…

Moreover, as Newsweek already reported a non-scalable fence is being installed around the White House and the situation is still developing fast.

To top it all off, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the announcement that Joe Biden should not concede if he loses the election to Donald Trump Tuesday night.

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Keep in mind that it’s no big secret something is coming. Be prepared.

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