ALBUQUERQUE, NM (INTELLIHUB) — At least 6 protesters were ejected from the private Donald J. Trump rally in which 8000 attended Tuesday night.

Police on horseback and riot control police dispersed smoke in the parking lot outside the venue as thing got violent and out of control after protesters tried to break down and smash in a door leading into the convention center where the presumptive GOP nominee was speaking.

Fights were reported to have taken place in the parking lot. Rocks and other objects were thrown injuring some.

At least one shot was fired and a bullet shattered a window at the venue, despite the fact that the local police denied the account, blaming the damaged window on a “pellet” shot from an airgun.

Things were said to be “chaotic” on the scene and police were reported to have exercised “restraint.”

But as the night progressed things progressively fell apart.

Infowars was on scene and captured the following footage of the chaos that ensued outside.

“I had a rock the size of my fist just barely miss my head,” the cameraman said.

Additionally, it is also important to point out that attendees rights were being trampled on as aggressive anti-Trump protestors screamed obscenities at them, includeing young children who attended, as they entered the venue.

One protesters sign read: “FUCK CHUMP.”

Another read: “TRUMP IS MAS PUTO!”

A good portion of the protestors appeared to be Hispanic.

The police state at the rally was intense.

Protestors could also be seen showboating their whips [cars] and motorbikes for the crowd in a dangerous manner.

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