NOPD cop suspended after being accused of writing with victim’s blood at crime scene

By Cassandra Rules | Free Thought Project

NEW ORLEANS, La. — A New Orleans police officer and artist has been suspended for five days after a hearing regarding an incident where he allegedly used a homicide victim’s blood at a crime scene to scrawl letters with his gloved fingers in May of 2014.

His supervisor,  Sgt. Marc Amos has received a fifteen day suspension for failure to supervise, since he verbally reprimanded the officer, but filed no formal disciplinary action.

Officer Charles Hoffacker is quite well known for his political and violence fueled art which he describes as follows on his website:

“I use art to bring the violence I experience on a daily basis to the forefront of the more cultivated art world. Art to ignite reflection, and artistic creation to spur a dialogue of resolution is the underlying purpose of pursuing this career. I find solace in the tradition of painting to both memorialize and reason my subject matter.”

The officer was sifting through coagulated blood looking for evidence and claims he was just wiping his fingers off on the sidewalk and did not mean to write anything.

“You have to physically go through (the blood) with rubber gloves and feel for any pellets or any evidence that might be concealed,” said Hoffacker’s defense attorney. “It’s a disgusting job, but that’s what he was doing.”

Seeing this, another officer approached him and said “Look! Charlie’s painting something.” which Hoffacker admittedly went along with.

The officer claims his coworkers find him weird due to his artistic nature and this was likely just a jab at him.

The officer and his attorney maintain it was a coincidence that it appeared like hand writing and that he had not intended to write with the blood, yet “played along” at the scene by joking to the other officers that the blood he wiped off his rubber gloves resembled part of the word “help.” The New Orleans Advocate reports.

His attorney also stated that Hoffacker doesn’t “want anyone in the family of the deceased thinking that he was being disrespectful in any way, shape or form, or that he ever would have done anything to impugn the integrity of any investigation.”

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