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Dean Henderson
February 10, 2012

(Excerpted from Chapter 11: Noriega of Panama: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

77-year-old former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega is reported to be in stable condition at Panama City’s public Santo Tomas after being hospitalized for extreme hypertension.

Health Minister Franklin Vergara said that officials plan to return Noriega toEl Renacer prison after the observation period.

Photo: – Panama Canal

Noriega was toppled during the 1989 US invasion, served a drug sentence in a US prison and returned from France on December 11th to serve a combined 60-year Panamanian prison sentence for murder, embezzlement and corruption.

Noriega & Panama were pivotal to the Illuminati drugs for guns for oil money shuffle.

The construction of two major canals near the turn of the century was essential to Four Horsemen and Illuminati plans to make the world dependent on oil.  While Marcus Samuel’s Shell Oil began shipping Indonesian crude through the new Suez Canal which linked the Red Sea to the Mediterranean in 1892, John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil lobbied for the construction of the Panama Canal.

The Suez Canal ended the long journey which trade ships running between Europe and South Asia were forced to take around Cape Horn.  The Panama Canal ended the equally laborious task for US ships carrying supplies between East and West coasts around the Cape of Good Hope.

With the Panama Canal completed, Panama fell under the control of US Marines for decades. It still serves as headquarters for the US Southern Command, which polices all of Latin America.  The word panama means “a dark stain from one’s past” and the country soon lived up to its name, developing a shadowy off-shore banking network to serve the tax evading corporations whose ships moved through the locks of the Canal.

Panama’s status as off-shore banking haven was set up by former World Bank director and Panamanian President Nicolas Ardito Barletta.

The opium-stained Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC) purchased Marine Midland Bank to become the clearing agent for Panama’s Central Bank.  The Nugan Hand Bank branch in Panama City was run by CIA Director Bill Colby.  In 2005 HSBC bought Banistmo, a Panamanian bank which is the largest in Central America, for $1.8 billion.

On January 1, 1955 Vice-President Richard Nixon met with a group of Panamanians in Honduras.  The very next day Panama’s leftist President Jose Antonio Remon was gunned down.  Remon had dared to raise questions over the recently negotiated Panama Canal Treaty. [1]  During the 1960s, Panama became a springboard for South American cocaine.

The city of Colon in the Canal Zone was transformed into a Wild West collage of arms dealers, drug peddlers and bandits.  This unsavory cast of characters reveled in the shadow of the hulking Chevron Texaco oil refinery situated in Colon.

Panama is home to 130 international banks. [2]  These banks, an offshore CIA/Mossad/MI6 paymaster bonanza, are what US Marines and Southcom are really protecting.  As Marine Major Smedley Butler said in the early 20th century, “War is a racket…War is largely a matter of money.  Bankers lend money to foreign countries and when they cannot pay, the President sends the Marines to get it.”[3]

Funny Money and Bad Acid

In 1972 Bernie Cornfield launched Investor’s Overseas Services (ISO) in Panama.  ISO provided cover for CIA agents and sold shares in the Dreyfus Fund, which facilitated Third World capital flight. [4]  Cornfield’s business partner in Switzerland was Permindex-paymaster Tibor Rosenbaum, head of the Swiss-based Banque du Credit Internacional (BCI).

Rosenbaum founded the Israel Corporation with Baron Edmond de Rothschild. He was delegate to the World Zionist Conference in Basel after WWII, out of which Israel was created.

He provided weapons to the Stern Gang and Haganah Zionist terror groups that brutally seized land from Palestinians during the 1940’s to create Israel.  He was paymaster for the Israeli Mossad. Ninety percent of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s funds flowed through his BCI, whose acronym is one “C” shy of a now-familiar Karachi spook den.  The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz once declared, “Tibor Rosenbaum is Israel”. [5]

BCI skimmed profits from Meyer Lansky’s Cuban casinos and drug trafficking operations, diverting the profits to MI6 and Mossad. [6]  Lansky was a lieutenant of Lucky Luciano.

He got his start in organized crime with help from the Rothschild family.  When Lansky’s friend, Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, was tossed out of Havana in 1959, he moved his operations to the Bahamas, where he backed Prime Minister Lynden Pindling and his drug cronies.  Santos Trafficante succeeded Lansky.

Another Lansky lieutenant, Robert Vesco, gained control of Cornfield’s IOS and launched Resorts International.  Vesco got financing from Chase Manhattan Bank and Prudential, both controlled by the Rockefeller combine.  Additional financing came from Paul Louis Weiller, a French aristocrat from the David-Weill family that controls France’s most powerful investment bank Lazard Freres, a big-time stockholder in the US Federal Reserve. [7]

A key Vesco consultant was Henry Kissinger aide Richard Allen, a key player in October Surprise who became Reagan Administration NSA.  Kissinger married a former Rockefeller aid and bought his Georgetown mansion with Rockefeller gifts and loans.

He stores his important documents at Rockefeller’s Westchester County, New York palatial bomb shelter. [8]  Allen lobbied Washington on Vesco’s behalf to create more offshore banking havens in places like Portugal, Tonga, Vanuatu and Dominica.

When Swiss authorities apprehended Vesco for his involvement in IOS, the CIA sprung him from a Geneva prison.  Vesco became an international fugitive and took refuge in Costa Rica in the early 1970’s where he found a business partner in President Don “Pepe” Figueres, whose son Marti succeeded him and continued dealing with Vesco.  In 1974 Santos Trafficante moved to Costa Rica.  When DEA undercover agent Frank Peroff fingered Vesco as ringleader of a massive heroin smuggling ring, he was fired and his life threatened.

The Nixon White House squelched a Congressional investigation of Vesco.  Dan Moldea claims in his book The Hoffa Wars that Nixon received kickbacks from Trafficante. [9]

Vesco and JC Penney-heir George Hoag financed Billy Mellon Hitchcock’s Brotherhood of Eternal Love, which began producing LSD and hashish in Costa Rica in 1968.

The following year they took over the West Coast acid market, investing the proceeds into an IOS subsidiary.  That same year there was a notable drop-off in Bay Area political activism.  San Francisco was transformed from bastion of left-wing politics to dead zone of conflict and petty violence.  Many residents blamed Hitchcock’s bad acid.

Hitchcock is nephew of banking scion Andrew Mellon whose family owns big chunks of the Four Horsemen.

Hitchcock used Hell’s Angels to push his acid. He got help from Ronald Joseph Stark, who worked with P-2 Freemasons in Italy and frequented the US Embassy in London. [10]  Was Hitchcock’s Brotherhood part of the CIA MK-ULTRA mind control program, enabled by the Muslim Brotherhood House of Saud?  Was the global banking oligarchy pushing bad acid to shut down the American left?

Robert Vesco was arrested by the Cuban government in 1993 on charges of sewing sedition as an agent of “special foreign services”. [11]

Our SOB and Operation Black Eagle

Manuel Noriega was recruited by the US Defense Intelligence Agency in 1959 as a young military cadet studying in Peru.  By 1967 the CIA had him on payroll.  The next year, the US Army’s 470th Military Intelligence Group backed a military coup which elevated Noriega to head of Panamanian intelligence.

By 1971 the US Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs had cited Noriega’s penchant for drug trafficking.  In 1976, CIA Director George Bush lobbied successfully to have Noriega’s salary increased to $110,000/year.  On one occasion, Bush arranged for the General to be put up at the house of his deputy director. [12]

In the mid 1970’s Noriega supplied the CIA with intelligence on Panama’s negotiating strategies for talks between President Jimmy Carter and Panamanian President Omar Torrijos. They culminated in the Panama Canal Treaty, which called for the canal to revert to Panama’s control by year 2000.  In 1981 Torrijos was killed in a suspicious Zia-like helicopter crash.  The CIA never trusted Torrijos, who was wildly popular in Panama because he resisted US meddling in Panama’s affairs. He admired the Nicaraguan Sandinistas. His son Martin is Panama’s current president.

Torrijos’ brother says the CIA sabotaged his chopper.  Two years later, Noriega became president of Panama.  In 1994, as Noriega was receiving a 40-year sentence for drug trafficking from a federal judge in Miami, he stated that US agencies under the Reagan Administration assassinated Torrijos.  He also said CIA Director Bush ordered bombing runs in the Canal Zone in 1976 to terrorize Panama’s people ahead of the treaty negotiations. [13]

Noriega played a big role in helping the US aid the Nicaraguan contras.  He began pilfering the Panamanian Treasury in 1982, just as Secord and North were launching the Enterprise.

In 1984 Noriega contributed $100,000 to the southern front in Costa Rica where John Hull was training ARDE troops and smuggling Columbian cocaine.  In March 1985 Noriega helped North carry out a sabotage campaign in Managua with help from a British mercenary.  In 1986 Noriega met with North in London to launch Operation Black Eagle. The black eagle was the emblem of Nazi Germany.

Operation Black Eagle targeted Nicaragua’s economic infrastructure.  Noriega offered the services of Israeli commandos, who often assisted him in securing drug shipments.  One of these commandos was Michael Harrari, Israeli Mossad Director for Central America and Noriega’s Chief of Security.

Harrari bragged of having assassinated the head of the PLO’s Beirut office. He had close ties to the Medellin Cartel.  The Columbian cartels employ British and Israeli mercenaries as commanders of their own private armies and to train their paramilitary death squads.  Noriega was also trained by Israeli military intelligence.  He became a committed Zionist and bought a home in Tel Aviv.

Mossad’s Harrari took charge of Operation Black Eagle, but Vice-President George Bush oversaw it via his NSA Donald Gregg.  The most infamous sabotage operation was the mining of Corinto Harbor on Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, which the World Court condemned as “an act of terrorism”, demanding that the US pay reparations to Managua.  The US refused.

Corinto was the tip of the terrorist iceberg.  Oil refineries, grain terminals, power plants and municipal water and sewage systems were targeted.  In Panama City Noriega helped North set up dummy corporations to fund and arm the contras.  These fronts received weapons from Richard Secord through Syrian heroin trafficker and CIA asset Manzer al-Kassar.

Pan Am Flight 103

On December 21, 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland.  When President Bush was sworn into office a month later, he blamed the terrorist act on two Libyans- Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah.

Bush imposed sanctions on Libya.  President Bill Clinton later called for an international boycott of Libyan oil.  In 2000 the Libyans were convicted by a Scottish court set up in The Hague.  The evidence was flimsy.  Numerous independent investigations of the incident paint a much different picture.

Interfor, a New York City-based corporate intelligence firm hired by Pan Am’s insurance company found that a CIA cell in Frankfurt, Germany was protecting a Middle Eastern heroin smuggling operation which used Pan Am’s Frankfurt baggage service as a transshipment point for its smack.

Interfor pinpointed Syrian national Manzar al-Kassar as the head of the smuggling operation. [14]  A separate investigation by Time magazine came to the exact same conclusion.  It went further, finding that al-Kassar was also part of a super-secret CIA cell code-named COREA.

Another group of CIA agents working to free the five CIA hostages held by William Buckley’s Hezbollah murderers, discovered that al-Kassar was allowed to continue smuggling heroin despite high-level CIA knowledge of his activities.  The Beirut hostage team had written and called CIA headquarters in Langley to file complaints about the al-Kassar ring. They got no response.  So they decided to fly back to the US and inform their CIA bosses in person.  All six agents were on Pan Am 103 when it blew up. [15]

Within an hour of the bombing CIA operatives arrived at the crash site wearing Pan Am uniforms. The agents removed a suitcase that belonged to one of the agents who died along with 269 others.

The suitcase most likely contained incriminating evidence regarding the involvement of both al-Kassar and the CIA’s COREA unit in the Syrian heroin smuggling ring.  It may also have contained a videotape of CIA Beirut Station Chief William Buckley’s confessions to his Hezbollah torturers, which could have further revealed CIA involvement in the Middle East drug trade.

Retired Air Force investigator Gene Wheaton thinks Colonel Charles McKee and the five other honorable CIA agents were the bomber’s primary targets.  Wheaton stated, “A couple of my old buddies in the Pentagon believe the Pan Am bombers were gunning for McKee’s hostage rescue team”.  Wheaton suspects CIA involvement in another plane crash that occurred shortly after the Pan Am bombing.  In that incident, 248 US soldiers returning from duty in Europe were killed when an Arrow Air military transport plane crashed near Gander, New Foundland.

Wheaton believes Arrow Air was a CIA airline and that the crash was related to a “covert operations deal gone bad” between the CIA and BCCI.  The day Arrow Air crashed two plainclothes men arrived on the scene and carried off a 70-pound duffle bag.  Wheaton thinks the bag was stuffed full of cash which BCCI had provided the CIA for a covert operation.

He thinks the CIA caused the crash to make it look to BCCI like the money burned, then arrived at the site to steal it, having wrapped it in fireproof material.  The CIA could then go to BCCI and shake them down again.  A short time later, BCCI/CIA relations soured. CIA prepared to jump a sinking BCCI ship and stick the Third World poor with a Rothschild Bank of England shutdown.

The German Federal Police (BKA) raided a suspected terrorist safe house two months prior to the Lockerbie bombing.  They found a bomb identical to the one used on Flight 103.  All but one of the prisoners jailed after the raid were mysteriously released.  On the day of the bombing a BKA surveillance agent assigned to watch baggage noticed a different type of drug suitcase being used by al-Kassar’s people.  He informed his superiors who relayed the information to a CIA unit in Frankfurt.  Al-Kassar contacted the same CIA unit to them to let them know that McKee and the five other agents were flying home that day.  The CIA Frankfurt unit’s response to the BKA report was, “Don’t worry about it.  Don’t stop it.  Let it go.”[16]

The US Embassy in Finland received a warning of a possible airline bombing for that day. They shrugged it off despite another warning from the FAA.  A PBS Frontline investigation found evidence that the bomb was actually planted while Flight 103 stopped over at London’s Heathrow Airport.

A suitcase belonging to CIA agent Matthew Gannon, one of the five others on Colonel McKee’s team, was switched with bag at Heathrow.  Frontline believes Gannon’s suitcase may have contained information linking the Damascus-based COREA CIA cell with al-Kassar’s drug ring, so the suitcase was stolen and one containing the bomb was substituted for it.

According to the German newsweekly Stern, a Pan Am security official in Frankfurt was caught back-dating the critical warning which the FAA issued as soon as he received it.  Pan Am was fined $600,000 by the FAA after the bombing.  The agency cited lax security in Pan Am’s baggage handling operations.  According to the Interfor investigation these baggage operations were more than inept.  They had been taken over by al-Kassar. In June 2007 Spanish police arrested al-Kassar for arms trafficking.

Pan Am has a long history of cozy relations with CIA.  Its international advisory board read like a Who’s Who in the Caribbean drugs for guns trade.  Members included Ronald Joseph Stark, the P-2 connected Brotherhood of Eternal Love LSD pusher; Sol Linowitz of Carl Lindner’s United Brands; Carter Secretary of State Cyrus Vance of the Lindner-controlled Gulf & Western Corporation; and Walter Sterling Surrey, OSS China hand who helped launch Hernandez-Cartaya’s World Finance Corporation.

Both the US and Britain have engaged in a cover-up of the facts.  Columnist Jack Anderson reported a telephone conversation between President Bush Sr. and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after the crash in which both agreed that the investigation should be limited, so as not to harm the nations’ intelligence communities.

Paul Hudson, an Albany, NY attorney who heads the group “Families of Pan Am 103/Lockerbie”, lost his 16-year-old daughter in the crash.  “It appears that the government either has the facts and is covering them up, or doesn’t know all the facts and doesn’t want to know”, says Hudson.  In April 1990, the group’s British counterpart “U.K. Families-Flight 103” sent angry letters to both Bush and Thatcher which cited, “entirely believable published accounts…Both of you have decided to deliberately downplay the evidence and string out the investigation until the case can be dismissed as ancient history.”

Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, one of the Libyans made patsy for the bombing, appealed his conviction in February 2002.  Central to his lawyer’s argument was new evidence that the baggage department at London Heathrow had been broken into the night before the bombing. [17] In 2010 the Libyans were suddenly released, amid rumors of a BP oil deal with Libya.

Operation Protect the Bush Family Investments

Manzer al-Kassar’s main man in Panama was President Manuel Noriega.  Noriega formed thecontra front companies which received Enterprise arms from Secord through al-Kassar, worked with John Hull to get weapons to the southern front, and helped the Medellin Cartel transport cocaine to Hull’s ranch for transshipment.

But as the contra effort dragged on, Noriega grew disenchanted with his US bosses.  He was becoming a populist in the Torrijos mold.  When Admiral John Poindexter presented Noriega with a grandiose plan to invade Nicaragua using Panamanian Defense Forces (PDF) troops in 1986, Noriega wanted nothing to do with it.  The CIA, desperate to rout the Sandinistas before the end of Reagan’s last term in office, offered Noriega an $11 million slush fund.

The General told them all to go to hell.

Suddenly the US media was full of stories demonizing Noriega as a world-class criminal.  The General’s CIA-imprinted panama was now being exposed.  On December 29, 1989, the day Costa Rican prosecutor Jorge Chavarria issued his damning report on John Hull and the Enterprise, President Bush commenced with Operation Just Cause.

US Special Forces launched a night time raid on PDF barracks in Panama City and surrounding areas.  Panamanian civilians watched as US troops burned Panama City’s poorest barrios to the ground, executing scores of civilians who stood in their path. While the US media portrayed the invasion as a mission to capture the drug villain Noriega, the Bush and his cronies sought to install a more compliant ally and to wipe out the PDF.

There were between 3,000 and 4,000 civilian deaths, since PDF troop barracks, not Noriega hideouts, were the real target of the invasion forces.  These barracks were widely dispersed among the poor barrios near the center of Panama City.  Several eyewitnesses claim that US troops systematically burned entire neighborhoods where PDF troops were housed. [18]

Why would the US want to wipe out the PDF, which it helped create and which the Bush Administration now publicly called upon to take charge and overthrow General Noriega?  Many Panamanian members of Congress believe the reason lies in the 1977 Panama Canal Treaty signed by Carter and Torrijos.  Torrijos was assassinated by CIA because he forced the Canal issue and the Panamanian people noisily supported him.  By obliterating the PDF, the US could claim that Panama had no army to protect the great Panama Canal and could justify a continuing troop presence in the country. [19]

Noriega was whisked away to stand trial in the US with help from the Vatican.  His replacement, whose election campaign was funded by the CIA, was Guillermo Endara, member of the Panamanian oligarchy known as the Manos Blancos (White Hand).  Endara was director and secretary of Banco Interoceanico, a cocaine laundry for Medellin and Cali Cartels.  His business partner Carlos Eleta helped funnel CIA funds into his presidential campaign in the spring of 1989, months before Operation Just Cause occurred.

Eleta was later arrested in Georgia for conspiring to import a ton of cocaine into the US.  Endara’s choice as Vice-President was Guillermo Ford, who chaired Panama’s corrupt Banking Commission and was part owner of Dadeland Bank, which was under investigation as a drug money laundry.  His choice for Attorney General was Rogello Cruz who the New York Times called a “Cali Cartel boss”.  Cruz, along with Endara’s Treasury Minister and his Chief Justice of the Supreme Court were all directors of First Interamericas Bank, which was controlled by the Cal Cartel. [20]

The Bush Administration promised Panamanians a huge aid package to rebuild their country after Operation Just Cause.  Most of the aid was never sent.  What did arrive went towards bailing out and restructuring the corrupt Panamanian banking system from which Endara and his Cabinet emerged.  Riots broke out on the streets of Panama City.  Effigies of George Bush were burned daily.  Bush had also had personal reasons to invade their country.

The Bush family has extensive business interests in Panama.  Much of the family’s wealth is stashed in secret Panamanian accounts and they own vast tracts of land on the country’s Caribbean coast.  They also own a string of hotels and resorts, including the Panama City Marriott and the Caesar Park on Contadora, where the Central American Peace Accords were signed.  On December 30, 1989, one day after the Panama invasion, the Los Angeles Timesdetailed the Bush family’s Panama investments, which are handled by Bush Sr.’s brother Prescott, through a Japanese holding company called Aoki Corporation.

Prescott Bush was once an executive at Dresser Industries- a subsidiary of Halliburton, whose CEO and Chairman was Dick Cheney.  Aoki has over $350 million invested in Panama.  It once paid a $4 million bribe to Noriega for a contract to build hydroelectric power plants in Panama. [21] Aoki recently built a luxury resort near Shanghai, China.

According to author David Icke, the Bush family is related to the British House of Windsor.  Researcher Sherman Skolnick claims George Bush Sr. shares a bank account with Queen Elizabeth II at Coutts Bank in London- a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Scotland. Icke says every American President has descended from one of two bloodlines, considered Sangreal(royal) by the global elite.

One bloodline traces back to Emperor Charlemagne in 9th Century Germany.  The other runs through the French Bourbon royalty and the House of Windsor.  Icke says these bloodlines descend from a low-frequency lizard race that interbred with humans to steal vital attributes from the human race necessary to rule the world. [22]

Icke’s claims, while alarming, are not without precedent.  The ancient historian Priscus claimed that Meroveus, patriarch of the French Bourbon Merovingan dynasty, which the Priory of Sion is so obsessed with crowning as World Kings, was sired by a Bistea Neptunis or sea beast.

According to author Laurence Gardner, “There was evidently something very special about King Meroveus and his priestly successors, for they were accorded special veneration and were widely known for their esoteric knowledge and occult skills.”[23]  French author Gerard de Sede declared that the Merovingans are descendants of extraterrestrials who interbred with selected ancient Israelites.  Author David Wood echoes de Sede’s belief.

Dr. Joe Lewels, former Chair of the Department of Journalism at the University of Texas-El Paso, notes that Moses and the Israelites were never allowed to see the face of Jehovah. He wonders if this was because Jehovah was a reptile.  Lewels says the Jewish Mandaen sect believed the world was, “ruled over by the Lord of Darkness, a reptilian being…variously called Snake, Dragon, Monster and Gian…thought to be true creator of humanity.”[24]

Author R. A. Boulay came to a similar conclusion, stating that it is, “abundantly clear that our creators and ancestors were not of mammal origin but were of an alien saurian breed.”[25]  Both Lewels and Boulay wondered if Jehovah was one of the Sumerian Anunnaki who took such a keen interest in the descendents of Mesopotamian patriarch Abraham, whose grandson Jacob became known as Israel, a name soon taken on by an entire people.

Some believe the name Israel is an acronym for the Egyptian god OsirIS, the Anunnaki god RA and the Mesopotamian god EL.  Masonic historian Manley P. Hall stated that the Ancient Mysteries were handed down to mankind by, “their progenitors, the Serpent Kings, who founded the Mystery Schools…and other forms of ancient occultism.”[26]  The bible itself is home to scores of references to dragons and other reptiles, most notably the snake which corrupted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

More recently, Kathy Ferguson, in her book The Trans-Formation of America, claims she and thousands of others have been abducted by alien lizard beings and taken to the White House and other global power centers, where they were repeatedly raped by George Bush, Dick Cheney and others.  Ferguson says she personally witnessed Bush shape-shift into a large green reptile.  Others have made similar claims regarding Queen Elizabeth II and other members of Europe’s “special bloodlines” Black Nobility.

Where Icke departs from other writers is that he believes this hybrid race are a separate species from the rest of humanity and that these intruders control the world’s banking system and preside over “royal” secret societies, whose “Biggest Secret” (the title of one of Icke’s books) is their reptilian origin.

Icke writes, “a race of interbreeding (‘royal’ reptile-human hybrid) bloodlines…were centered in the Middle and Near East in the ancient world and, over thousands of years since, have expanded their power across the globe…creating institutions like religion to mentally and emotionally imprison the masses and set them at war with each other.”[27]

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