Update: At this time it is believed by officials that the Tahoma dam is no longer under imminent threat of bursting. However, Intellihub will remain vigilant by providing updates if the situation were to change. So to be clear, the dam has been inspected as of Wednesday morning and appears to be safe. Evacuations were only ordered as precautionary measure, according to a report out of the Daily Mail. (H/T: Steve Quayle)

MCDOWELL COUNTY (INTELLIHUB) The Tahoma Dam located in western North Carolina is ready to burst after intense rainfall hit the area which prompted officials to issue a mandatory evacuation order in an effort to preserve life.

The dam’s structural integrity became compromised on Wednesday after a mudslide brought on by heavy rainfall in the area overloaded the infrastructure.

“Move to higher ground NOW! This is an extremely dangerous and life threatening situation,” officials warned in an alert issued on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service Greenville-Spartainberg tweeted the following: “MCDOWELL COUNTY UPDATE: A landslide has comprised the integrity of Lake Tahoma Dam. MANDATORY EVACUATIONS underway from the Dam at Lake Shore Dr to Lake Tahoma Rd (NC 80) to the confluence of the Catawba River near Resistoflex Rd and Riverside Park. ACT NOW TO PRESERVE YOUR LIFE!”

A flash flood emergency was declared.

“McDowell county emergency management reports water is spilling around the sides of Lake Tahoma dam. Evacuations ongoing south of the dam. THIS IS A LIFE-THREATENING SITUATION. HEED ALL EVACUATION ORDERS IMMEDIATELY! If you are not threatened by floodwaters, shelter in place.”

We will provide updates as we get them.