North Carolina wants to tax every mile that residents drive

Proposed law would add a new tax that charges drivers by the mile.

By John Vibes

NORTH CAROLINA (INTELLIHUB) — The government in North Carolina is looking to add even more taxes onto drivers, in addition to the steep gas taxes that are already mandated in the state.

The proposal plans to generate almost $500 million in annual state revenue by charging a half cent for every mile that is driven by every car in North Carolina.

North Carolina residents are already forced to pay a 37.6 cents gas tax.  The new vehicle mileage tax, or VMT, would not replace that gasoline tax, but would actually be an additional fee.

“Basically you pay per the mile. It’s treating transportation as a utility, much like your water and sewer,” Larry Goode, of the Institute of Transportation Research and Education said.

However, if travel is treated as a utility, that means that people do not truly have the freedom to travel.  The government treats the individual’s ability to travel freely as a mere privilege, to be regulated, taxed and restricted on the whim of a politician.

There are currently a number of proposals in North Carolina that would regulate travel and make it more expensive, including a possible raise in gas taxes.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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