North Korea’s Nuclear Capability and Recent Threats Against the US

KoreaBy Shepard Ambellas

March 15, 2013

NORTH KOREA — A nuclear test back in February prompted the UN to prepare sanctions on Pyongyang, which in turn escalated into threats last week of a preemptive nuclear strike on the United States.

Friday North Korea pushed further, firing test rockets into the Sea of Japan.

Reportedly, experts claim that North Korea simply does not have capabilities to reach the CONUS (Continental United States) with nuclear tipped ICBM’s at this time.

In response to the threat Washington piped up with an announcement, as the US government plans to add 14 missile interception stations in Alaska to beef up our nations defenses. This plan if approved by congress will cost at least $1 billion in US taxpayer dollars, a price tag most Americans won’t like.

This all came from a Friday announcement by Chuck Hagel the US Defense Secretary.


North Korea is likely to continue to provoke and test the mettle of the US and it’s allies based on their current track record.






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