Not a single reconstruction project was completed in Iraq: report

By John Vibes | December 29, 2013 | 11:19pm EST

After many years and roughly a trillion dollars spent on reconstruction in Iraq, not one major project has been completed

mideast-iraq_riot (Copy)IRAQ (INTELLIHUB) — A new report has revealed what many people have been saying for years, that the reconstruction program in Iraq is a total scam.  There is no telling exactly how much money has been wasted, but it is likely to be many trillions of dollars. 

According to investigations by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), which he presents in his 220sten report, the U.S. has put $ 60 billion in reconstruction projects.

The following quote is from a military report that was translated from a foreign language, please forgive grammatical errors. 

Of these, at least 8 billion, 13 percent is wasted. As exemplary examples of his report cites a prison to be built in the province of Diyala in 2004, but was never completed (cost $ 40,000,000), a wastewater project in Fallujah (108 million dollars), greatly exaggerated demands of subcontractors that have been granted, a bridge failed, their construction and, finally, a program called “Commanders Emergency Response Program,” which was very popular with the military, because it could be used to access full money sacks and hire someone quickly, without having to store it accountable. “

Companies like Dick Chaney’s infamous Halliburton, which gets paid billions of dollars to rebuild the countries destroyed by his own government’s war.  Halliburton is just one example, there are countless arms dealers, weapons manufactures and other wartime industries directly tied with banking and the government.

According to AP, “the U.S. has, according to calculations of the budget authority of the Congress, including military and “diplomatic” expenses and other aid payments of at least $ 767 billion spent since the war began. Others come in larger sums, called, for example, the National Priorities Project , which has calculated $ 811 billion and daruf indicating that some costs to run still further.”



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