Not one further inch

shootings, gun, triggerWendy/Flickr
By Dean Fachon

(INTELLIHUB) — In the wake of any “mass shooting,” the leaders who cry quickest and loudest for more gun control are the ones with the most blood on their hands. It’s almost as if these crises were tailor-made to push their agenda. They weep crocodile tears as they sing siren songs about how we just need to ban “assault rifles” and “high-capacity” magazines; we just need to “close the gun-show loophole;” we just need to put gun-control under the aegis of healthcare; we just need to trust them and we’ll all be much safer. These are the same people who refuse to uphold the very Constitution they swore an oath to protect – the people who grant themselves the authority to kill any American, anywhere at anytime, without recourse to due process. So here’s a news-flash: The 2nd Amendment is the “line in the sand.” There will be no mass-shooting or string of mass-shootings sufficient to make any genuine Patriot – those who took an oath in their hearts to protect and defend the Constitution – there will be no incident sufficient to make us sacrifice one further inch of our Right to “keep and bear Arms.” It will not happen, not because we are irrational or extreme – no matter how much politicians and the media wish to paint us as such – but because we recognize that our government has become the very thing the 2nd Amendment is intended to thwart.

These mass shootings are tragic, but pay attention to more than the alphabet-media, because evidence abounds to suggest that at least some of these crises have been “false flags,” events allowed to happen or staged to foment an agenda aimed at indomitable control of this Nation and her legitimate citizens. Of course the alphabet-media won’t report this. They’re paid not to. Some unwittingly, but too many aware and basking in newly printed money that has somehow fallen off the books. What, you don’t believe our media could be bought off or our government would do anything so evil? Well you wouldn’t, not unless you invest some time in a little independent research and thinking. Then the evidence pops up like “whack-a-moles.” No, not all evidence is credible – disinformation is part of this game – but enough will ring true to put the lie to “official” stories, time after time after time, right up to and including such “hallowed ground” as Sandy Hook and 9-11.

I say hallowed ground because we have been conditioned to react with, “Oh my God, you’re an idiot and insane,” at the mere hint of skepticism. Pavlov would be proud of such knee-jerk reactions. But do a little research into the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, then ask yourself how World Trade Center Building 7 managed to collapse in a perfect free-fall column when the Murrah Building remained standing. You can still find glaring contradictions like this all over the Internet, but the official narratives have been so drilled into our heads and countervailing concerns so stigmatized that most people refuse to take even a look. If that’s you, shame on you. Shame on you! Our Country is being dismantled; stop pretending it isn’t happening!

We are locked in a race with a renegade government, a race to see whether it can stupefy and dilute the electorate enough to maintain a fig-leaf of legitimacy as it completes the dismantling of the values and principles upon which the United States was founded, or whether enough Americans will awaken and rise up to put an end to this charade. Because those who stand by and for the Constitution are the last line of defense against its total demise – the last hope in our lifetimes for Freedom and Liberty to survive in the United States. We will not budge on the 2nd Amendment, not one further inch. Those who insist on pushing where there is no room to give risk open Civil War. (At times it seems that might even be their intention.)

So how do we resolve this peacefully? (Yes, it can still be done.) Start by recognizing that virtually all of the mass shootings around which the aforementioned “leaders” like to rally, all of these shootings have happened in “gun free zones.” Hello? No guns allowed! Obviously, that program isn’t working. Thankfully, many Sheriffs and Police Chiefs across America have recognized this simple fact, and they’re speaking out. They are asking people with concealed carry permits to make sure they’re up to speed on their training and then carry their weapons. They want to create an environment where the bad guys don’t know who might return fire. Common sense.

That does not mean we should all get concealed-carry permits – not if we don’t want to. And it doesn’t mean we should single out any ethic or religious group. We tried that during WW II with the Japanese, and it was an outrage. No matter what ethnicity or religion, far more of us desire peace than do war. We need the peace-loving peoples of all stripes to stand shoulder to shoulder, despite our renegade government’s best efforts to sow discord. Then, just as Imperial Japan would not attack the US mainland for fear of “a rifle behind every blade of grass,” so too will we bear the same threat to the tyrants amongst us. This is why the 2nd Amendment is indispensable, why those self-same tyrants want it eradicated, and why we must protect our Right to bear Arms at all costs. Only by preserving a viable threat against tyranny will Liberty and Freedom be restored. Then we can begin the arduous task of purging our Country of those who back international interests at the expense of our Sovereignty.