(INTELLIHUB) — Shade was made in 2013 by Intellihub founder, filmmaker, and personality, Shepard Ambellas as well as seasoned documentary filmmaker Jason Bermas who also brought us the ultimate 9/11 classic, “Loose Change.”

If you haven’t purchased this high quality film on DVD yet, make no mistake, you should.

It’s absolutely amazing and needs to be personally passed around to the people who are the most important to you in your life as time is of the essence. It will take you and others on a journey of unimaginable ups and downs. The film is absolutely brilliant. It’s done in cenéma vérité and was made over a two year span, shot on various locations across the entire U.S., including Hawaii.

Now, after the release of this powerful film and the sustained efforts of the people who appear in it, the powerful super elite have laid rubber by putting on the afterburners, advancing their final push to impose a mentally deficient borg-like police state through the implication of depopulation protocols and the rise of their long awaited one world government.

This sinister cabal of globalists and their mindless minions will stop at nothing to exterminate the populace, i.e. you and your entire family, all the while testing their experimental chemical, psychological and radiological weaponry under the guise of “public law” to ultimately achieve full control.

That’s right, the oligarchs are trying to incrementally control the populace through a legacy and they are doing so with great success and little resistance.

“They are terraforming your planet”

They hate the fact that there are too many humans and moreover they hate technology because it serves as a double edge sword. (Especially when films like this have been viewed by over a half of a million people and counting)

“What if you knew your very own government was spraying you with poisonous toxins and metals?”

It’s in your blood. It’s poisoning you. We have the results.

“If it’s raining don’t go out in the rain without umbrella–know what I’m saying?”

They are killing us it’s plain and simple. We must defeat their 1984.

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