Notification Of Unusual Event: Cooper and Fort Calhoun Nuclear Stations

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
June 24, 2011

The media is currently engaged in a blackout regarding the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant & the Cooper Station in Nebraska. The situation is clearly worse than the public is being told at this time.

As of June 6, 2011 the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant submitted an NOUE (Notification Of Unusual Event) as they experienced a fire in the electrical switch gear room from the rising flood waters.

As of June 19, 2011 a NOUE was issued for the Cooper Power Station near Brownville Nebraska.

NOTAM’s (No-Fly Zones) have been issued over both sites.

All the dams and levees all the way back to the Garrison Dam are at full or are above full capacity, as the U.S. government already knows what is looming on the horizon. Troops have been positioned throughout the CONUS in response to the NOUE’s.

The Strategic Oil Reserve has been tapped against Obama’s own words a few years back, when the president alluded to the fact that the Strategic Oil Reserve should not be tapped unless their has been a catastrophic event or a terror attack.

So why tap them now then?

The fact that all of this coincides with the full scale military drills in effect that have been dubbed “Operation: Alice & Wonderland” (unofficially) by law enforcement in-the-know.

In-fact our law enforcement sources have eluded to the fact that these drills (on one side of the looking-glass) could very well go live (on the other side of the looking-glass) – not only from the potential tsunami situation and nuclear threat that could split the United States in half if the Garrison Dam were to burst (due to natural or fabricated events), but from economic events looming in the background as well.

Currently Obama has the power under many provisions to essentially become a supreme dictator and declare full blown martial law on the American populace (Pandemic Level 6 and PDD51 to name a few).

Due to the transpiring events we documented from day number one regarding the Fukushima disaster in Japan at The Intellihub, one can see a pattern here, and it does not look good.

We will continue to cover this developing situation.