Now only $0.69 away – silver is moving towards breakout

The gap is now closed and we sit a mere $0.69 away from silver being on the up side of $18.50 per ounce

Originally posted April 29, 2016.
Early this morning we reported gold and silver were moving towards serious resistance points and, at the time, silver was $0.76 Away from hitting major resistance. The gap is now closed and we sit a mere $0.69 away from silver being on the up side of $18.50 per ounce –- everything stated below still holds true and I have not and will not change my position. The move both gold and silver have made today, if repeated even over the course of two-three days, will send both the metals into a space that will –- potentially –- allow for some serious moves to the upside.  The real test will come Sunday evening, May 1, into Monday morning. How will the cartel respond? We shall see and we at The Daily Coin will keep you posted.
gold chart

Original post began at 6:40am CST

I just looked at the charts for gold and silver and it appears that both are determined to reach new ground. Levels we have not seen since 2010. As Bill Murphy and Craig Hemke have both stated once silver gets above $18.50 there is little resistance before the mid $20’s. I am not suggesting we will breach $18.50 today, however, the charts are moving in the direction we like to see. I believe he impact on physical silver once this line is broken and held, due to excitement within the silver and gold community, will have silver coins, rounds and bars flying off the shelf like we have not seen in a great many years. As we have been reporting, here at The Daily Coin, the miners are already stressed, mining as a whole has been struggling for the past several years, which makes quality mining companies a key part of your portfolio – they, like the physical metals – are going to explode to the upside. When? Coming soon. This weekend? Probably not, but now is the time to prepare, review your stack, review your paper assets and make your move – be ahead of the curve unlike your friends, family and neighbors. Show them how it’s done!!

Got physical? Got miners?

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