Noxious smog has made Beijing ‘unlivable’, says Mayor

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It may take generations to clear the air

BEIJING, China (INTELLIHUB) — Wang Anshun, the city’s mayor told state media recently that the city has become “unlivable” due to toxic smog.

The mayor is calling for new “standards” to be implemented which will work toward making the city habitable again, according to reports.

However it took a study which proves tourism declined 10% in the region for anyone to even began to take action as it’s all about the Benjamin’s baby. As if people living in toxic smog wasn’t enough to sway the mayor to make changes, the decision actually rested on the local economy.

The American Embassy’s air quality index, or A.Q.I., uses standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to measure pollutants on a scale that starts at zero, or “good,” and tops out at 500. Anything higher, as was recorded in Beijing in mid-January, is officially referred to as “beyond index.”

Expats call these bouts of horrifying pollution an “airpocalypse.” Not only does the term convey the epic dystopian reality of China’s smog, it offers a welcome bit of gallows humor amid an otherwise hopelessly depressing situation., as reported by Sinosphere.

So who’s to blame?

According to reports the public’s desire to own more “motor vehicles” along with “polluting factories” are to blame.

While nearly 400 companies were closed in 2014 alone for pollution violations and over 475,000 vehicles were removed from local roadways, the problem still persists.

To actually clear out and dissipate the toxic air from the city may take generations, some say.

Welcome to smog city.


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