(INTELLIHUB) — An article I wrote several days ago referenced a 1974 patent for technology created by an individual named Robert G. Malech who developed an apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves with radar.

Subsequently on February 28, 2016, The Telegraph from the U.K. announced that “DARPA has successfully tested a brain modem on an animal subject, and the device will [also] let the brain communicate directly with computers.”

Now, in 2016, there is an article in a UK publication which discusses technology which was developed in the 1950’s and early 1960’s like it is breaking news?

The Telegraph publication states that “implants and/or an ingestible devices [stentrobes] have been tested on animals” — not people of course!


But no mention of Malech’s 1974 patent for remote, two-way interfacing, without the need to ingest stentrobes and without the necessity of inserting of dermally-penetrating electrodes?

“Phillip Alvelda, the Neural Engineering System Design program manager, said the technology is aimed at overcoming the problems faced by current attempts at brain-computer communication.

While these devices can detect the electrical activity of the brain, they require the user to concentrate and undergo training to produce specific, easy to detect signals.

“Mr. Alvelda said: ‘Today’s best brain-computer interface systems are like two super computers trying to talk to each other using an old 300-baud modem.'”

But there is an issue with this “breaking news.”

In the late mid- to late-1960’s, Robert G. Malech’s Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves eclipsed the “breakthrough” technology that the Telegraph is trumpeting about today.

In actuality, specific training of the target is not needed to read his/her brainwave signatures, nor to modify the behavior of the target. Implants such as electrodes or the subsequently-developed, ingestible stentrobes are not needed and they haven’t been needed for nearly fifty years.

Malech’s patent entered the public domain in the mid-1970’s, which implies that the U.S. military and government were already working on this technology in the 50’s and 60’s.

Is the NSA, possibly in conjunction with US Cyber-command, already using souped-up radar systems?

In light of all of this information, it is possible that the radar-enabled, DoD JLENS Aerostat which broke free from its tethering in October of last year was tasked with more nefarious operations than the public was led to believe.

Indeed, Malech’s patent seems to indicate that all of this this was plausible nearly fifty years ago.

In 1974 the US government and military certainly weren’t having brain-computer interface issues, and that was probably a post-beta testing phase.

Thus the Telegraph article is not “breaking news,” and the technology is certainly not “cutting edge.” It appears to be propaganda.

And notice, the article focuses on DARPA, and not on the NSA. DARPA develops the technology and in many cases, the NSA deploys it – most often without any oversight.

Remember, when news of a real technology reaches the public domain it has already been around for decades.

Has Malech’s technology already been deployed in the U.S. in order to invade, monitor and manipulate that which we assume to be the most secure of all spaces — the human mind?

Expect a follow-up article covering the impending announcement that “Telegraphs will soon replace smoke signals as the preferred form of communication.”

It looks like another breakthrough is set to stun the world. And if any of you believe this, I have a mind-to-computer bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

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