NSA document reveals Apple laptop cameras can be hacked, showing no indicator light

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You may want to think twice before purchasing a laptop with a camera as it has been openly admitted the iSight is susceptible to hacks

FT. MEADE, MD (INTELLIHUB) — Interestingly enough, the NSA released a bulletin which details how agency employees are to remove the iSight camera from Apple laptops which they may be using as a security measure.

According to reports, a security hole allows the camera to be hijacked without displaying the indicator light.

Madison Rupert reported:

Furthermore, the FBI has reportedly hired hackers to create malware capable of similarly hijacking a laptop microphone and the U.S. government is now the largest buyer of malware in the world.

Interestingly, an NSA factsheet on hardening techniques for Mac OS X includes going as far as having the iSight camera physically removed from a device.

“The best way to disable an integrated iSight camera is to have an Apple-certified technician remove it,” the factsheet states.

The Atlantic points out that “if the NSA doesn’t trust a particular piece of hardware can’t be used for surveillance, it’s probably safe to assume an average user shouldn’t either.”

“Placing opaque tape over the camera is less secure but still helpful,” the factsheet continues.

Coincidentally, an Intellihub staffers camera was activated remotely a few years back, however the indicator light was on at the time and noticeable.

Remain vigilant!