NSA spying” Conspiracy of the english-speaking nations

By Michael Thomas | Storyleak

The recent revelations which have come from the Edward Snowden NSA spying material point directly at a conspiracy being waged by the major English-speaking powers of the world. Each of these four nations has been purposefully exempted from the most intensive surveillance regime ever imposed on the community of nations.

Therefore, one is compelled to ask:

Why do only these four English-speaking countries of the world receive such special treatment by the world’s military and surveillance superpower — the USA? 




New Zealand

That 193 other nations have become the victims of NSA spying, yet these English-speaking nations have not “speaks” volumes about the real plot that has been afoot for centuries to subjugate the entire planetary civilization. This global conspiracy first took form under the rubric of the British Empire. Since the perceived diminution of the British Empire, it has simply transformed into a multi-faceted global management scheme managed from the City of London, the financial capital of the world. Of course the military enforcement regime, which has been fastidiously put into place since the beginning of the 20th century, has been administered out of Washington, DC.