Nuclear weapons transport truck rear ended in transit… but where was it going?


The coming of WWIII or a nuclear false flag?

By Stefan Stanford | All News Pipeline

With word now out from Russia that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered staff to prepare Russian citizens for a possible nuclear war, the 1st video below shows a very strange event – a U.S. nuclear weapons truck in transit in Great Falls, Montana gets rear ended by one of the US Military vehicles following behind it.

Shortly after the videographer took out his camera to begin filming the nuclear missile convoy that was passing by him, a federal police officer pulled over in front of the convoy to apparently tell the videographer he was not permitted to film. Of course, the videographer continued filming and was able to capture on video the sudden accident.

We’re grateful that nobody was apparently injured during this accident yet as some commenters point out on the video, where were they taking this? Are they preparing to use it, proving the wisdom of Russian President Putin to prepare the Russian masses? Will we ever find out? One commenter asks:

What city is this in and where are they going to plant this nuke, set it off and blame Russia?

While another opined:

Need some lessons from Russia on how to do this. Eh Seppo’s? Dont feel embarrassed.. The USSR had these issues just before it collapsed too. The transporter is a controlled environment with air-cushioned pallets that allow the military to move components between bases and launch facilities


According to another commenter, this happened a short distance away from Malmstrom Air Force Base and  this is not quite as unusual as it might seem. From the local Great Falls Tribune in Montana:

“Aside from paint damage on the tractor trailer’s hitch and a small dent in the security vehicle bumper, there were no injuries, further damages or risk to the public’s safety. The convoy and all vehicles continued on without affecting their mission,” according to Malmstrom. “The 341st Missile Wing Safety Office and Air Force Global Strike Command are reviewing the incident.”

A Payload Transporter III is used to load, unload, transport, remove and replace Minuteman III weapon system aerospace vehicle equipment and supporting equipment.

Malmstrom, like the other two bases in Air Force Global Strike Command, has eight PT IIIs, which include a tractor and a trailer. The tractor costs about $126,000 and the trailer about $1 million, according to the Air Force.

The Office of Secure Transportation, managed by the National Nuclear Security Administration within the U.S. Department of Energy is responsible for the transport of government-owned special nuclear materials. The classified shipments can contain nuclear weapons or components, enriched uranium or plutonium, according to the OST website.

Federal agents with DOE were traveling with the convoy through Great Falls on Monday, but the transporter involved is not one of the trucks used by DOE for transporting nuclear material.

Zero Hedge had a very interesting take on it though:

If this happens on a well maintained street in America, one can imagine the probability of a “happy ending” involving US and Russian fighter jets flying over Syria…

One interesting Zero Hedge comment:

So, I guess we can expect a nuke to go off sometime in the next few days or a week.

Plus, how do we know this is the only nuke they are driving around? Perhaps .gov intends to murder ten or twenty million US Serfs in several cities!

Knowing Bath House, he’ll set them off in Texas, the South, and in the midwest, anywhere he can exterminate as many YTs as possible!

Where are my Civil Defense manuals? I have to find them.

A final interesting comment from the Zero Hedge story takes us to the 2nd half of this ANP story below video; what are we missing that the other hand is doing?

Non-story distraction of the week. Look what the other hand is doing immediately!

Are we missing something this week that we should be paying attention to? For the 2nd time in days, a Russian plane has gone down, this time in the South Sudan as shared in this Fox News story. Will this turn out to be another terrorist attack upon Russia? We also learned that Syrian rebels have forced down a government plane in Syria according to this Reuters story.

Infowars tells us that the ‘neocon warmongers’ are expecting a massive retaliation by Russia against ISIS over the initial plane crash – will Russian President Vladimir Putin enact ‘punishing retribution’ against ISIS for their cowardly terrorist act as neocon warmonger John Bolton asks in the next video below?

We’re certainly living in very interesting times and can only pray that those in Washington DC understand the rules of this game they’re playing. “There is nothing worth having that can be obtained by nuclear war – nothing material or ideological – no tradition that it can defend. It is utterly self-defeating.”

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