NWO Double Whammy: ‘Free Flu Shot when You Turn in Your Guns’

Depopulation with  an incentive.

By Shepard Ambellas
December 4, 2012

WORCESTER — City officials are holding their annual “Goods for Guns” event which takes place  every December for several Saturdays.

However, this time the event has a real New World Order style theme to go along with it.

Essentially, unknowing victims will be depopulated with a free flu vaccine while at the same time surrendering their guns to city officials in a totally senseless act of utter stupidity.

And as an added bonus…

Now.MSN.com reports, “Residents can get a flu shot at the exchange whether or not they turn in a gun; gift certificates of up to $75 are only provided to citizens who turn in a gun). Finally, a place to drop off your Colt .45 and ward off the sniffles all at the same time.”

Where do I sign up?


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