NYC: Entire Neighborhoods and Business Districts Aflame as Streets Turn to Rivers

Streets have been turned to rivers as some fight to survive.

By Shepard Ambellas
October 30, 2012

NEW YORK CITY — Over 23 major fires along with high winds and major flooding has displaced homes, businesses, cars, people, animals, and more throughout the city.

Firefighters, rescue workers, military, and law enforcement are working together to help storm surge victims. Over 35 deaths have already been reported in NYC alone.

Entire neighborhoods and business sections are aflame as over 200 firefighters are on scene.

According to reports, more National Guard soldiers are set to be called in as things intensify.

Just looking at the damage throughout the news and on the internet inflicted by what is being reported as a “super storm” makes one wonder, “what else is to come?”

There is almost no food or supplies left on store shelves, with the largest city in the United States (NYC) ravaged from panic buying.

The supply chain has been nearly halted, making it tough for vendors and residents to count on anything in the near future.

Over 1000 National Guard soldiers and law enforcement are struggling just to keep order. Citizens have even taken to Twitter to boast about their plans to go looting after the storm wrecks havoc.

Two NYC hospitals have been evacuated in wake of power outages and weather surges after their backup system failed. Fifty firefighters have been dispatched to help with the hospital evacuations.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that, the worst part of the weather “has already come”.

Cars and people have been found floating down streets as floodwaters in some areas remain violently intense. Subways and other modes of transportation remain shutdown citywide.

Then there is the question, “When will the looting start?”

Infowars Nightly News reported that gangs plan to loot and have made postings via Twitter.

The New York National Guard has put troops on duty to patrol the area, which some would consider the first step of martial law in New York City.

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