NYC: Son beheads mom, drags body from apartment into street, kicks head 20 feet before jumping in front of train, killing himself


A grizzly discovery which neighbors thought originally was a Halloween prank, turned out to be real

(Photo Credit: Pix11)
(Photo Credit: Pix11)

LONG ISLAND, NY — A woman by the name of Patricia Ward, a professor in her 60s, was beheaded by a man Tuesday in her apartment suspected to be her son.

Shockingly, after savagely beheading the woman, the man managed to drag her headless body down multiple flights of stairs, leaving a blood trail from hell, before putting her body on display in a public street.

To make matters worse, it was also reported that the man kicked her head at least “20 feet” down the street, likely in anger.

The New York Post reports what one witness saw:

“I looked through my window and saw the body down there,” said neighbor Nick Gordon.

“I saw the lady laying right in front and her head was across the street, close to the corner. I thought ‘holy sh–!’”

The man was found dead on nearby train tracks about 25-minutes later. Police suspect suicide.

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