NYC: Woman drops dead in salon, bleeding from eyes and mouth

Woman who traveled from West-Africa falls out in beauty salon

By Shepard Ambellas

(Video Source: OpraclaeK./YouTube)

BROOKLYN (INTELLIHUB.COM) — A woman who was put on an Ebola watchlist after traveling back into the U.S. from Guinea, West-Africa, about 18-days ago, suddenly died in the African Queen Hair Braiding salon Wednesday morning, bleeding from her eyes and mouth, triggering an all new Ebola scare in NYC.

A HAZMAT crew from the N.Y.F.D. arrived on scene shortly after, whisking the woman’s body away.

Although test results are pending, authorities apparently decided to leave the hair salon open to the general public, failing decontaminate it against all standard Ebola protocols.

“We were in the building and all of a sudden the other owner came from the store. And then he said someone dropped in the store. We ran in there, there was a person lying on the floor” with blood coming “from her face, nose and mouth, everything”, reports one eyewitness, who said that he “didn’t touch her”.

It is not yet known if the woman died of Ebola, while authorities maintain that it was just a “heart attack”.

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