Obama announces CDC directed ‘Ebola SWAT teams’, rapid response to the infected at homes and hospitals

Medical martial law is here — New Czar to head up Ebola camps in U.S.

By Shepard Ambellas | Intellihub.com

While President Obama maintained that the “likelihood of widespread Ebola outbreaks in this country are very-very low ” in one statement, in another he contradicted himself saying, “What I have directed the CDC to do is that as soon as somebody is diagnosed with Ebola then we want a rapid response team, a SWAT team essentially, from the CDC, to be on the ground as quickly as possible. Hopefully within 24 hours.”.

So may I ask: What’s the urgent need for rapid response Ebola SWAT teams and a newly appointed Ebola czar if the U.S. Government didn’t anticipate a major outbreak or pandemic to sweep the U.S. in the coming weeks? And exactly what is a SWAT team anyway? What do they do?

Well, according to Wikipedia, SWAT is an acronym for Special Weapons and Tactics which “is a commonly used proper name for law enforcement units, which use military-style light weapons and specialized tactics in high-risk operations that fall outside of the capabilities of regular, uniformed police. “SWAT” is commonly used internationally, as a colloquial, generic term for these units.

Their duties include: confronting heavily armed criminals; performing hostage rescue and counter-terrorism operations; high risk arrests; and entering armored or barricaded buildings. Such units are often equipped with specialized firearms including submachine gunsassault riflesbreaching shotgunssniper riflesriot control agents, and stun grenades. They have specialized equipment including heavy body armor, ballistic shields, entry tools, armored vehicles, advanced night vision optics, and motion detectors for covertly determining the positions of hostages or hostage takers, inside enclosed structures.”

So now that we have summed up just what a SWAT team is and what it’s functions are, one can rest assured that these Orwellian measures will be used against the general populace in more ways than one.

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Moreover and possibly more importantly, all of this can now be used as an excuse by the Administration to round-up anyone the White House deems to be a threat, politically or otherwise. And hey, I have to give them credit, it’s a very good plan, offering the powers that be great headway when rounding up the “red and blue list” in the coming weeks. And to think, the camps have been readied — how convenient.

In fact I pointed this out months ago in an article titled Shit to hit fan! — Large empty department stores, Wal-Mart’s being converted into FEMA camps now! where I wrote about a covert government plan to install camps across the United States:

As you may know, I recently reported that the Department of Defense along with the Federal Emergency Management Agency has plans to house illegal migrants in unused airport hangars and is currently housing them in camps on various military installations across the country.

Now, shockingly, under DoD authorization, FEMA is also planning to use abandon or unused department stores, shopping malls and warehouses as camps to accommodate the mass human influx from South America.

However, as it turns out the camps may have never been intended for illegals and were likely readied in advance, prepared for anyone suspected of being infected with Ebola or anyone displaying symptoms for that matter — and that’s where Ron Klain, the newly appointed White House Ebola Czar comes into play.

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Hitler had his right hand man too.

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