Obama gives an update on the war with ISIS, and with Donald Trump: Live feed

Obama will hold a press conference following an update on his administration's war against ISIS


While the DNC refused to touch the topic of terrorism with a ten foot pole last week, the president has decided to fill the gap, and in a few moments, Obama will hold a press conference following an update on his administration’s war against ISIS. Obama will open up the standard post-briefing statement to questions from the press, at which point he will likely also give an update on his proxy war against Donald Trump.

It will be Obama’s third time traveling to the facility for an ISIS update; he’s also been briefed at the CIA headquarters, the State Department and the Treasury. US military leaders are currently working with Iraqi forces to devise a strategy to retake Mosul from the terror group, as well as bolster security in Baghdad.

Like his session alongside Singapore’s prime minister in the White House East Room on Tuesday, during which he declared Trump “woefully unprepared” for the role of commander in chief, Obama will likely spend more time during the update to bash Trump rather than extol the progress of US operations to eliminate the Islamic State. On Tuesday, Obama contended that Trump “doesn’t appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia,” meaning “he’s woefully unprepared to do this job.” Today, Obama will wrap himself in the symbolism of America’s military decision center, and seek to futher position himself, and by implication Hillary, as the the “military’s candidate.”

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