Obama set to receive $400K for speech at Wall Street conference

Former president learning the Clinton way

(INTELLIHUB) — Less than 100 days since leaving office, former President Barack Obama has accepted an offer to speak at a Wall Street conference that will net him at least $400,000.

The conference, run by Canto Fitzgerald LP, is healthcare related and will pay the former president almost twice as much as famed corruption magnet Hillary Clinton received after her time as secretary of state.

“Obama has agreed to speak at Cantor’s health care conference in September and will be the keynote luncheon speaker for one day during the event, people at the firm tell FOX Business. These people say Obama has signed the contract, but the company, a mid-sized New York-based investment bank, is waiting to coordinate with the former president before making a formal announcement,” reported the New York Post.

“A spokesman for the former president didn’t return a call for comment; a spokeswoman for Cantor said the firm is not in a position to comment just yet, but would not deny that Obama has agreed to speak to the firm and at the $400,000 fee.”

Keep in mind that Obama spent eight years attacking Wall Street while not actually going after them and now we can see that he is set to reap the rewards. Interestingly, even some Democrats are annoyed by the news with one telling the Post that the move by Obama is clearly hypocritical.

“Is there an irony here because he spoke incessantly about the income gap and is now earning from those same people he criticized? Yes it is,” Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said.


“Should we expect it? Yes, we should because all former presidents do this. He went on the attack against Wall Street and now he’s being fed by those same people he called ‘fat cats.’ It’s more hypocritical than ironic.”

Obama’s planned speech to Wall Street comes at a time when people across the world are fighting back against the establishment elite, with a growing tide of populism hitting not only the United States but also European countries like the United Kingdom and France.

This should only further the rise.

Alex Thomas is an opinion journalist and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became Intellihub.com and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.
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