Obama Set To Sign 9/11 Bill

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On Monday Obama is set to sign the much needed bill that will provide 9/11 responders with the healthcare coverage they have fought so hard to get. Obama will sign the bill during his vacation in Hawaii in a non-public manner.

This could draw even more attention to the alternative media which in turn could give 9/11 even more mainstream coverage.

Jesse Ventura really kicked the 9/11 issue into the mainstream lately as well with his TV series on TRU TV. More and more the evidence that 9/11 was a false flag attack is making it into the mainstream.

George W. Bush once said “We must not tolerate these outrageous conspiracy theories”

The reality is that a substantial amount of so called conspiracy theories have turned out to be 100% factual and 9/11 is not the exception.

As time goes on, as with anything (like the JFK assignation) more and more details will be released.

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