Obama signs Presidential Directive leading to the ‘need for further secrecy’

By Shepard Ambellas

Like a robot, Obama only missed a few licks, laying out a rather boring propaganda piece pushing for pre-crime capabilities in a Justice Dept. speech Friday

WASHINGTON, D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — President Barack Obama held a press conference at the Justice Dept. Friday, pitching the importance of the N.S.A.’s domestic surveillance program, relating modern intelligence gathering practices to our forefathers in a rather disgusting presentation.

While Obama admitted that in the 1960’s the U.S. government spied on war veterans domestically, “new threats” out weigh it all, said Obama–everyone should be fair game when it comes to data collection, citing the need for improved capabilities.

Shortly after my stomach began to churn when Obama went on to accredit the need for domestic intelligence gathering to the “aftermath of 9/11”, claiming that the N.S.A. indeed needs the capability to watch over America “without adequate public debate”.

Complicated issues were ultimately to blame as the number one reason for the N.S.A. to spy on us according to whoever writes the deteriorating puppets poorly assembled speech.

Obama also addressed the abuse of information collected by intelligence agencies, but remained vague–adding that “intelligence agencies can not function without secrecy”.

“The men and women of the intelligence community, including the N.S.A., consistently follow protocols designed to protect the privacy of ordinary people. They’re not abusing authorities to avoid protocols, listen to private phone calls or read your emails”, the president assured the general public.

The P.O.T.U.S. also pointed out that “we have to make some important decisions”, continuing on in his very next sentence to bobble, loosing step with the teleprompter in front of him, continuing, citing that we can not “disarm” our intelligence agencies, the vomit continued. In fact, at one point i nearly fell asleep watching the once conditioned and proficient puppet lose his steam as he struggled to finish the rather lengthy presentation.

By the end of the speech the viewers like myself who endured pure torture, gathered absolutely nothing as the president claimed his “review process” is solid.

Obama also approved a new Presidential Directive Friday, likely riddled with loopholes to further allow N.S.A. even surveillance on the American people, adding an annual review on privacy perspectives, including an “independent” panel.


Writer Bio:
ShepardShepard Ambellas is the founder of Intellihub News and the maker of SHADE the Motion Picture.