Obama threatens Congress: ‘Whenever I can act on my own I will’

Obama flexes his muscles once again, threatening more executive action over congress

By Shepard Ambellas

WASHINGTON, D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — In Saturday’s Weekly Address from the White House, president Obama reiterated to the American people yet once again that he is a supreme dictator who plans to do what he wants, regardless.

In the opening line of his address the president stated:

“Restoring the idea of opportunity for all requires a year of action from all of us. Whenever I can act on my own I will, and whenever I can ask more americans to help I’ll do that too.”

Obama then went on to dazzle the sheep with his rather boring and hollow presentation, offering a sliver of hope to those in dire straights, captivating the masses by dangling a mere carrot before their faces. In fact, according to Obama himself, he took executive action last week to “lift more workers wages by requiring Federal contractors to pay their employees at least $10.10 an hour”.

I mean let’s face it, most Federal workers will eat this all up and at the same time others will await Obama’s next little morsel. You see, to the rest of the masses he looks like a savior, the man who raised the Federal minimum wage. But what about other lower-income workers, what do they get?

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Interestingly, Obama also explained how 16 million others are also in line for a raise, but congress won’t authorize it.

“Raising Americans wages isn’t just a good deed, it’s good business and good for our economy”, stated Obama.

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