Obama’s 2008 campaign promise being fulfilled


In 2008, on the campaign trail, Barack Obama vowed to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. I have no doubt that this has stuck in his craw since then.

By The Common Constitutionalist | Freedom Outpost

I contend that one way or the other King Barack is going to empty out that place and close it down. So much for Rush Limbaugh’s thriving Club Gitmo product line.

This move is part of the wind down and pull out of Afghanistan, a war Obama desperately wants to rid himself of, sooner than later, despite him saying years ago, that we should leave Iraq and concentrate on the good and worthy conflict in Afghanistan.

That’s one thing I do agree with – end the Afghan war and bring everyone home immediately. The United States no longer has any business over there or anywhere else, for that matter. We are incapable of the will that is necessary to win a war – so why get our troops killed and wounded due to modern America’s typically weak efforts. But I digress.

In my opinion, and I have no proof, this administration planned on freeing these five scumbags (maybe not these five specifically) all along, as a precursor to freeing the rest. I contend that this administration probably somehow contacted the Taliban and said that we want to free some of your compatriots. Why not make a trade? Maybe the Taliban even suggested the five guys – maybe not.


I’m guessing that the Obama people figured if they could pull off freeing five of the worst detainees and get away with it, the rest would be relatively easy.

It’s Obama’s arrogance on full display. He believes himself to be untouchable, no matter what he does, no matter what laws he breaks. And why shouldn’t he? Look at his track record. He’s batting a thousand.

I also believe that what is driving this is that Obama is an Islamist sympathizer. No, I don’t think he’s Muslim, but remember, he is an anti-colonialist. As such, he will naturally sympathize with anyone who appears to be fighting “The Power” of evil imperialists, like say… The United States.

The timing on this giveaway is something I haven’t figured out yet. And it is a giveaway, not an exchange. An exchange would mean we get something out of it – something more than a deserter.

We’ve known since 2009 that Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter. Why after five years, did we make this “deal” now? I don’t know.

And what of the actual exchange? It was rather unconventional, to say the least. It was conducted in a low-lying field with hills on all sides. That’s called a “Kill Box” – ripe for an ambush. The Taliban were all armed, locked and loaded. Our guys appeared to be unarmed, yet the Taliban were the ones with the white flag. It was filmed only by the Taliban – no American footage, at least none we know of. And lastly, Bergdahl was not searched until he reached the helicopter.

This exchange was so far out of the norm, it’s unbelievable! This would never happen! I don’t get it.

And finally, what to make of the arrangement we made for the five terrorists to be detained in Qatar for a year.

Wow, a whole year. In Qatar? Really? The country that is one of the two top financiers of the Muslim Brotherhoodextremist mosques and Al Jazeera? That Qatar?

Are they going to spend a year in Qatar for advanced terror training? Maybe they have a Masters of terror program.

The whole deal is so bizarre. It’s stranger than fiction. Maybe someday, someone will come forth with the real story, because what we’re getting sure isn’t it.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

This article originally appeared on Freedom Outpost.

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