Obama’s Dark Shady Past Exposed

Who is Barack Obama?

(INTELLIHUB) — In a recent interview on Tru News (starting at 18:00) with a man only known as Al (to hide his identity for protection purposes) startling information on Barack Obama was brought fourth.

According to the interview, the man known only as Al is a debt collector who actually voted for Obama.

During a recent skip tracing procedure on a Chicago debtor (a procedure carried out to verify data on the client; i.e. addresses, phone numbers, friends, social security numbers, etc.), Al came across a startling discovery when pulling the clients data. Michelle Obama pulled up (on the computer) as the debtors neighbor back in the 90’s.

Out of curiosity Al clicked on Michelle Obama’s name, a link, and this allegedly pulled up Barack Obama’s name Chicago home address of 5046 S. Greenwood Ave, strangely enough owned by Obama’s accountant, according to Al.

Also allegedly displayed in Barack Obama’s file was the alias name of Harrison J. Bounel.

Upon further investigation 6 different pin numbers in 6 years were assigned to the property, along with other evidence, Al believes that this type behavior signifies a multi layered real estate finance transaction.

The social security number 042-68-445 also allegedly appeared in Obama’s file.

The file also allegedly showed trusts and a $1.2 million loan taken out from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.

52 former addresses of Obama allegedly popped up as well.