Occupy the FEDERAL RESERVE Launched by Alex Jones

The Intellihub
October 5, 2011

In a historic development launched today, October 6, 2011, Alex Jones has called for an Occupy the FED campaign that is destined to go nationwide. Millions of people are now poised to join history in the making.


Many will recall a few campaigns launched by Alex Jones as being a watershed for inspiration and transforming the thinking process’s such as his support for “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver”.

It’s difficult to know at this stage how many people are aware of the fact that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel of Central Banks – some would say 25% are aware of this. In any event – It’s ON.

Beyond the fact that the Occupy the Federal Reserve is a counter–measure to the media takeover and control of the Occupy Wall Street Campaign, the END THE FED Campaign started some time ago. Presidential candidate Ron Paul was instrumental in bringing awareness of the Federal Reserve to the public at large, as well as Aaron Russo in his film Mad as Hell.

His final film would beAmerica: Freedom to Fascism, a political documentary critical of the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve System and warning about the coming of the New World Order.

The Revolution Against the Federal Reserve Starts Now

“Public sentiment has shifted — against the trends of Washington and Wall Street — and now, against the private Federal Reserve bank which controls or influences so much of the world’s finances. Where as only a few years ago many Americans were unaware of the true nature of the shadowy organization, recent polls confirm that the public overwhelmingly wants to audit and even abolish the Federal Reserve bank.The momentum for a second American revolution is stirring, but the establishment is working overtime to steer the public’s anger into easy controlled avenues and big government solutions. Instead, by striking at the root of the true problems, we can attempt to reign in the predatory banking powers that plague our nation and begin to restore the Republic.The Federal Reserve banking system is at the root of that problem and a perpetual impediment towards ending the global economic crisis that continues to grow. Join Alex Jones to “occupy” the Dallas Federal Reserve, or take the message to a Fed branch near you. We must start now by focusing media and political attention on this issue, and through our presence at these banks, start brushfires in the minds of men that will tip the momentum in favor of liberty and independence for all.” – TheAlexJonesChannel on Oct 6, 2011

Audit the FED

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Paul Warburg’s Crusade to Establish a Central Bank in the United States

America’s Unknown Enemy: Beyond Conspiracy

James Paul Warburg –

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He has gained some notoriety for the following quote:

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