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Servando Gonzalez
November 28, 2011

Occupiers remind me of the guy who was trying to catch a black cat in a dark room, but the cat was not even there. The main characteristic of the movement is that it has no clear, concise goal.

They claim to be the 99 percent who work and pay for the privilege and power enjoyed by the 1 percent, but some people who have studied the demographics of the group occupying Wall Street found out that some of them belong to the very privileged class they complain about.[1]

The occupy movement began in Europe, particularly in Spain, inspired by a short tract written by 93 year old French socialist author Stéphane Hessel titled Indignez Vous! [2] (Lit. Get Angry! or Get Pissed Off!).

Hessel, a co-author of the 1948 Universal Declaration of the Rights of Men, managed to escape from Buchenwald camp and joined the Résistance to fight the Nazis.

Hessel’s tract circulated widely among young people and his ideas inspired the pioneer Indignados movement that erupted in Madrid and other Spanish cities. Unfortunately, however, Hessel is a European socialist, and he blames capitalism for the problems we now face. But, as I’ll show below, capitalism is not the problem.

On the other hand, this is nothing at which to be surprised. Although the Occupy Wall Street movement claims that it has no affiliation to a particular political party, it is evident that most occupiers are Leftists (a sort of Tea Party in reverse)[3], and the leftist definition of rich is very simple: anybody but me. (Michel Moore anyone?) That’s why they are always so eager to raise other people’s taxes.

Nevertheless, it is evident that the hard-core occupiers, which may be nothing but agent provocateurs, have attracted a large mass of well intentioned, though naïve people who have strong reasons to be upset with the state of things in today’s America. According to, the movement is fighting against

… the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations over the democratic process and the role of Wall Street in creating an economic collapse that has caused the greatest recession in generations.

The site adds that the movement looks to end the power of money held over political influence. This has led them to coin the slogan, “We are the 99 percent.”

Granted, I cannot agree more, and I highly respect the mostly young Americans who have taken to the streets to protest against corporate plunder and political corruption. What I question, though, is the tactics. I have the impression that most of them are convinced that the government is the only one who can solve the problem. Proof that their wrong tactics do not harm the conspirators is that, until now, the government has mostly tolerated their antics
But let’s face it: the treasonous elite — America is a country betrayed by its ruling class — is ready to defend its power and wealth tooth and nail at any cost. The government will do nothing to change this state of things because most of the politicians we have elected to represent us have been bought like pigs in a country fair by Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and CEOs of transnational corporations.[4]

Adding insult to outrage, the money they are using to buy politicians is the very same money they have stolen from us through taxes and other scams. In essence, we have sharpened the knife that is now threatening to cut our own throats.

The political option a few well-intentioned, honest politicians are currently offering us — we can count them with the fingers of a single hand — amounts to disentangling the Gordian knot of treason and corruption by taking control of Washington via our votes. But I think that the knot of corruption and outright treason has become so huge and entangled that it is too late to try to untie it: like Alexander, we need to cut it with a sharp sword.

Consequently, contrary to common belief, the last tool we should think about to cut this knot to save America is the U.S. Government, a very blunt tool. The reason is obvious: currently the U.S. is mostly composed of corrupt politicians[5] and secret agents of Wall Street banks and transnational corporations.

Let me make this clear: Currently, the U.S. Government has become a confederacy of thieves.[6] The politicians who govern us are guilty of many crimes, including grand larceny, Ponzi schemes, highway robbery, white-collar crime, racketeering, insider trading, thievery, swindling, cheating, defrauding, plundering the public treasury, fleecing and looting. Consequently, capturing Washington from inside through our votes, or trying to force the government to change through occupy Wall Street actions is an exercise in frustration.

What to do then?

Well, as I have said in many of my articles, we don’t need to beg the politicians in Washington D.C. for change. We the people are the most powerful force that can bring the necessary changes to correct the course of America. To do this, however, we need to know exactly who the enemy is; who are the ones conspiring behind the curtains to destroy America as we knew it, and then fight them as forcefully as we can.

We must keep in mind, however, that this is not a battle fought with guns, tanks, and planes in a conventional battlefield — at least not yet. It is a battle fought in our minds with cunning, lies and deception. In synthesis, it is a psychological war, a PsyWar, and our enemy’s best weapon is disinformation[7] — the Occupy Wall Street movement is proof of this.

Consequently, if we want to win this mind war, we need to plan our defense very carefully, using even better mind weapons than the ones the enemy has been so successfully been using against us. As Sun Tzu wisely stated, if you control the minds of the enemy you would win all battles without even firing a shot.

A tactic that has been successfully used in war is cutting the enemy’s lines of supply. And, who supplies the politicians in power with the money that has bought their consciences and has turned them into traitors? I already mentioned them before: Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and CEOs and boards of directors of transnational corporations.

But, how do these corporations make all their money? They get the money from us. Therefore, the best tactic to win this war consists in starving the monster that is feeding our enemy.

Consequently, we don’t need to occupy Wall Street, or Oakland, or none of the places the occupiers have occupied by ignorance or evil intent. On the contrary, we need to unoccupy Walmart, Costco, Keymart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, Best Buy, Ikea, and all the big corporate stores who mostly sell cheap products made abroad by quasi-slave workers, and only buy in locally owned stores that don’t ship their money to banks abroad, but leave it in the community.

We have been brainwashed to admire these huge corporate stores as symbols of America’s entrepreneurship and freedom, as chain departments stores like Woolworth, Sears, Macy’s, and Montgomery Ward were sixty years ago. Currently, however, the mega stores have changed to become efficient tools of economic slavery at the service of our hidden masters. Instead of loving them, we need to get angry with these large corporate stores for their direct contribution to the destruction of America’s economy.

Now, why big corporations have moved abroad their production facilities? Because corporations have no soul, conscience, ethics, moral, principles or nationality, much less patriotism.[8] Their only goal is to maximize the profits of their CEOs, board of directors and shareholders.

To this effect, they realized that the best way to maximize profit is by minimizing costs, and the best way to minimize costs is by paying miserly salaries to starving workers in Third World countries. Globalization has made their plundering much easier.

As an example, I can mention that, while is Apple selling its iPads for $499.00, a company in India is selling a similar product to students for $35.00.[9] This shows that, by using quasi-slave labor of teenagers in China, Apple has enormously lowered the production costs of its products and getting a huge profit margin that is not benefiting in any way American consumers, much less American workers. In this sense, “progressive” Apple, with Al Gore on its board of directors, is not too different from reactionary Halliburton with Dick Cheney.

Countries used to avoid such things detrimental to their economies by implementing strong tariffs to products made abroad that could be easily made in the country. This is called economic protectionism. History shows that economic protectionism has always been beneficial to the economies of the countries that have implemented it.

But corporations pay no allegiance to any country, so they hate protectionism. Therefore, U.S.-based transnational corporations forced their well-paid servants they helped to get elected in Washington to approve the signing of so-called “free trade” agreements with other countries. As you may guess, these “free-trade” agreements only benefit the big corporations, not you and me, much less poor workers in Mexico, China or India.

Obviously, we cannot convince well-bought politicians to put an end to the “free trade” agreements that are taking our jobs abroad and destroying our economy. Nor Wall Street occupiers can do it. But just by the simple action of unoccupying their big corporate stores we can put the anti-American corporations against the ropes. As a rule, look for the “Made in America” tag in the product before buying it.

The big corporate stores, however, are not the only ones to blame for the systematic destruction of America’s economy. We also need to unoccupy Bank of America, Wells Fargo, City Bank and the rest of the big corporate banks in cahoots with the big transnational corporations and bring our money to small local banks, preferable to credit unions — as some people are already doing.

And please, don’t buy the lie repeated over and over ad nauseam by professional disinformers like Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and others, that corporations are the main source of jobs in America and, in order to create jobs, corporate taxes should be lowered.

As Senator Bernie Sanders has shown, big corporations have always managed to avoid paying taxes.[10] The reason for this is because they buy the politicians in Congress to pass tax laws with enough loopholes that only benefit them. As the saying goes, the golden law of taxes is that whoever has the gold makes the laws.

Granted, there is a kernel of truth in the disinformers’ claim that transnational corporations are a main source of job creation. What they don’t say is that most of these jobs have been created abroad. In an act of true magic, transnational corporations have changed well paid jobs in America into poorly paid jobs in Third World countries.

By the way, wittingly or unwittingly, far from hurting the big corporations they claim to hate,[11] demonstrations like Occupy Oakland have mostly damaged local small businesses, many of them owned by minorities, the representatives of true capitalism. Paradoxically, the alleged anti-corporation occupiers are helping transnational corporations reach their goal of destroying small businesses and true capitalism in America.

Now, why do corporations hate capitalism? Because capitalism implies competition and, by definition, monopoly capitalism hates it. Keep in mind that the one who said, “Competition is a sin” was not Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin or Mao Tse-Tung, but John D. Rockefeller, the man who most people in the world wrongly identify with capitalism.

Moreover, don’t buy the fallacious argument that people who truly fight big corporations are Lefties or hate capitalism. On the contrary, corporate capitalism, that is, monopoly capitalism, is not capitalism at all, but socialism, either of the Left, in its Communist variety, or of the Right, in its Fascist form.

Proof of this is that Obama’s alleged communism is almost undistinguishable from Bush’s fascism. Both of them love big corporations and Wall Street banks, and have a total contempt for the American people. Both of them saturated their administrations with CFR lackeys.

For the time being we cannot give the same treatment I advise to oil corporations. They have a total monopoly (actually a cartel) on their product. We cannot stop buying gas for our vehicles and, at least for the time being, it is their way or the highway (on foot). But it is totally in our hands to reduce gas consumption to a minimum, only to cover our most essential needs. Ultimately we are at war, and a war requires sacrifices. So, lets self-ration gas.

Do you think that this solution I am talking about is unrealistic or unattainable? Not at all. Actually, it is working.

As you know, a few months ago Bank of America unexpectedly announced that it was going to charge a 5-dollar a month new fee for using its debit cards. Immediately, other big banks began salivating just thinking about how easy it is for them to fleece us. But the customers’ response, canceling their accounts in Bank of America and bringing them to smaller banks, was so overwhelming that, soon after, BofA canceled the 5 dollar fee and the banks planning to add a similar fee decided not to do it.[12]

In the same fashion, a few weeks ago Netflix decided to charge a fee to their customers for a service they had been already giving at no extra cost. But, almost immediately, close to 800,000 Netflix subscribers canceled their accounts, sending a strong message to the very heart of the company: its bank account. Soon after, Netflix executives did an about face and trashed their plans.[13]

These two events show that we the people do not have to beg to the government for anything, including the end of the economic recession and unemployment.

Contrary to big corporations who, in order to raise their profits, have moved the jobs abroad, small businesses employ close to half of all private-sector workers. According to the Small Business Administration, they pay 44 percent of the American private payroll. Even more important, while big corporations were busy outsourcing jobs, over the past 17 yearsß small businesses have created close to 65 percent of net new jobs.

This shows that consumers, in an alliance with small businesses, have the power to pull us out of this recession artificially created by Wall Street banks and transnational corporations.

Despite of the fact that the enemy controls the mainstream media, the Republican and Democratic parties (which I call the Repucratic party), and most of the corrupt politicians in Washington D.C., the Republican candidates debates have shown that, with the exception of Ron Paul, the rest of them are not trying to win our votes, but the favor of their potential corporate buyers in Wall Street.

Therefore, forget about them. The bottom line is that to win this war we don’t need the help of corrupt politicians. We have a secret weapon more powerful than strategic missiles tipped with nuclear warheads: our wallets. Let’s use them wisely, and the final victory will be ours.

So, what are you waiting for to get truly pissed off? Where is your line in the sand? Are you waiting for the TSA main pervert to order her minions to perform rectal and vaginal examinations on you and your family? Are you waiting for the corrupt politicians in Washington to fully trash the Constitution? Are you waiting to become dirty poor serfs dependent on the New World Order globalist masters?





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