Off-grid power and your survival plans

A little truth about off-grid power


Modern society is highly addicted to electricity. As technology has increased, we have found more and more ways to use electricity, having it do more and more for us. Today, there is little that any of us do, either at home or in the workplace, which doesn’t involve the use of electricity.

Yet the electric grid that brings that electricity to our homes and places of business is the most fragile part of our infrastructure. As time goes on, it only becomes more fragile, with many power plants, transmission lines and sub-stations having already outlived their 50 year expected lifespan. While replacement of outdated equipment is a constantly ongoing process, it never seems to keep up with needs.

All it takes is a major storm to cause a power outage, some of which can last for days. Hurricanes take that a step farther, with the destruction to the grid requiring weeks to repair at times. Puerto Rico was rebuilding their power grid for over six months in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Electricity isn’t absolutely necessary for survival, having electricity to power our devices makes survival easier. While there are almost always alternative ways of doing things, those alternates are usually harder to do, require buying manually powered devices, and are not as effective as the electric versions we’ve become accustomed to using. Therefore, it makes sense to have some off-grid power capability as part of your overall survival plan.

Electric fireball surges through Louisiana powerlines following a transformer failure: Shock video

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