Officer assigned to guard Las Vegas shooter’s 32nd-floor hotel room door upon SWAT breach indicted on sexual assault charges

LVMPD police veteran indicted on sexual assault charges was one of two men to guard Stephen Paddock’s 32nd-floor suite door on the night of the shooting

Update: It has been reported that a different “”Thiel” may have been assigned to the 32nd-floor (i.e. There are several Thiel’s in the LVMPD).

CORN CREEK (INTELLIHUB) — Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Bret Thiel was indicted on more than two dozen sexual abuse charges which include kidnapping and the sexual assault of a child, 8 Las Vegas Now reports.

A warrant has been issued for the veteran metro officer’s arrest.

According to the Force Investigation Team Report, an officer named “Thiel” was one of two officer’s who were assigned to post at Stephen Paddock’s Mandalay Bay room 32-135 as SWAT breached the door and made their entry. Thiel and the other officer were to guard the hall.


It is unknown what the officer mentioned in the report may have seen or heard on the night of the 1 Oct. massacre.

The story is developing.

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