Officials “fully expect” 8 more explosions at a Texas chemical plant

More explosions are on the way, officials warn

CROSBY, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Arkema, Inc. subsidiary president Richard Rennard told reporters Wednesday that officials “fully expect” to see eight more explosions originating from storage containers where highly-volatile cold temperature organic peroxides are being stored, following heavy rains and flooding brought in by Hurricane Harvey.

“These materials have to be maintained cold. If they start to warm up they become unstable and they will decompose. When they decompose they will generate heat and when they generate heat there is the possibility of a fire and possible explosion,” Rennard explained.

Rennard said that there were 9 storage containers in total but only 8 are left after one exploded after deteriorating earlier Wednesday morning.

“We fully expect that the other eight containers will do the same thing,” Rennard said.

Featured Image: Screencapture via Google Street View
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