Oil rig worker: ‘I believe I saw the Malaysian Airliner come down on fire’

Did flight MH370 take a turn for the worse?

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — The missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, carrying 239 people, may have crashed and burned, said an oil rig worker in an email to his employer.

The worker on the “Songa Mercur” oil rig off Vung Tau, claimed to have seen the aircraft, “at a compass bearing of 265º-275º”, “burning [on fire] in one piece”.

The worker also stated that it corresponded with the time that the plane went missing.

According to the worker the surface area of the observation was:

Lat. 08º 22′ 30.23″ N

Long. 108° 42′ 22.26″ E

The worker also stated in the email to his employer:

“From when I first saw the burning plane until the flames went out (still at a high altitude), was 10-15 seconds. There was no lateral movement. So it was either coming toward our location, stationary (falling), or going away from our location.”

The worker also pointed out that the aircraft was not on a flight path typically seen in the area.

(Photo: Bubble News)