MSCHF will be holding a one-time event inside an art museum in which online enthusiasts can operate a remote-controlled war dog equipped with a paintball gun.

The event dubbed Spot’s Rampage allows users to virtually control a $75,000 robotic dog made by Boston Dynamics.

In an online first, users can “wreak havoc” during the event by operating the dog at a speed of no more than 3 miles per hour.

“Every 2 minutes, Spot’s controls will be passed to a new random person on this website.,” the official website explains. “On Feb. 24th at 1 PM EST, we’re letting people remotely control a Spot robot via this website.”

Screenshot via

During their turn, fans can fire a paintball gun that is affixed to the robot.

Questinging the event, Intellihub’s very own Shepard Ambellas Tweeted:


This is insane! Users can control a robot ‘war dog’ with a gun on it!

But will terrorists or criminals take advantage of the idea?

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